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Many people have made tattoos on various parts of their body to show that they care for someone such as a boyfriend or girlfriend or a symbol of a gang, and maybe to honor their father or morther. Tattoos are made with black or colored ink injected into the skin. It is made with the intention that it would be there permanently with no thoughts of it being ever removed. However things changes so now he/ she wants it removed. There are several ways that the tattoo can be removed. But whatever method that is used, there will be some discoloration or scaring on the skin depending on the type of ink used. How deep it has penetrated into the skin, how long he/ she had tattoo. And also the size will make a difference when removing the tattoo. You need to be very carefull when removing tattoo to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the medication being used..

Here are ways tattoos can be removed. Dermabrasion and Salabrasion are painfull ways of removing tattoo .Both use similar method of removal. Dermabrasion uses a mix of water and salt to be applied to the tattoo. Area is numb first, and than the mixture of water and salt is spead on and the skin, it is sanded untill the skin is dark red. Salabrasion is done the same way but instead of numbing the area, it is done by freezing the tattoo than sanding the skin. Want to know how to remove tattoo with less pain and scaring? go to

Laser Removal is done with pulses of highly concentrated light used to break up the ink to small particles so the body emmune system can remove the ink. Intense Pulsed light is the same as laser only a different highly intensity light is used to breaking up the ink. Both treatments are expensive and may take more than one treatment to remove the tattoo competely. Excision is removing the tattoo surgecally cutting the skin of the tattoo out, than sewing the skin together. This method is also use to remove larger tattoo and having a skin graft. Next is do it yourself with cream remover. This is not a guarantee way of removing all of the tattoo but it will fade most of the it after a while. Warning do not try to remove tattoo if you have any of these symstom undiagnosed lession, warts,stage 3or4 acne, pigmentation problem or unstable diabetic or any emmue deficiency. Some of these treatments to remove tattoo may have to be done more than once.

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