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The Social Anxiety Disorder Test Is The Easy Part - What Will You Do About It?!
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If you are wondering if you need to take a social anxiety disorder test, then the chances are that you have inappropriate social anxiety. It really isn't necessary to take a 'test'. In fact I doubt there even is one. Why? because social anxiety is not a disease or illness! it's just a behavioural condition.

I explain what I mean by 'behavioural condition' in my free e-course as well as show you how to implement a highly effective method to replace your anxious habit with a new confident habit. But for now, if its really a social anxiety disorder 'test' that you are looking for, your identification with the symptoms and scenarios I've listed below are as conclusive a test as any, that you suffer from  a social anxiety condition (I hate using the term 'disorder': it suggests that there is something clinically wrong with the person and that is just not correct by any means).

When reading the list below, bear in mind that it is perfectly normal for all human beings to experience these sensations on the odd occasion. It is the degree and frequency with which they occur in your life that will indicate whether or not you have a social anxiety condition that requires attention. If you are reading this article because you started out searching for help with social anxiety, then that is a strong indication that you suffer from inappropriate social anxiety otherwise you wouldn't be looking for help, right? Well, the good news is your condition is 100% curable and I'm going to help you do that.

First, for those that insist on a 'test', the question is how often and to what extent are you confronted with these feelings in social encounters. And by 'social encounter' I mean any type of social interaction, whether it be meeting new people, talking to people of the opposite sex, talking to groups of people (even people you know well) meeting and talking to people in authority and speaking in public. So here are the signs:

  • you feel shaky and panicked, your hands may shake uncontrollably and your lip wobble
  • you feel as if the air is being sucked out of you and that your throat is being smothered so that you can't speak properly;
  •  your heart may pound fast and you perspire/sweat;
  • you feel very uncomfortable and that you can't think properly or say the things you would normally want to say if you didn't feel anxious;
  • you feel as though you need to disappear and be away from the situation so that peple don't see that you are anxious;
  • you have an uncomfortable feeling of being watched and criticised by others;
  • you feel that others notice that you are feeling uncomfortable and anxious and that they will disrespect you because of it and laugh behind your back.

These are just a few of the common signs and symptoms associated with social anxiety. Again it is normal to experience these feelings occasionally and on a mild level but if these feelings have become so frequent and invasive that they are seriously affecting your day to day life, then you are the person that I want to reach out to, because I know too what it is like to suffer from this condition. More importantly, I know what it is like to recover from it and how fulfilled and happy life can be when that happens.

The question is, how do you want to approach your problem? You could visit your doctor and get a prescription for social anxiety medication. Sure, the medication may help you to manage your condition by making you more docile and reducing your physical symptoms of anxiety. But one thing is for certain, your medication -whether it be natural, herbal or prescription, will not cure you. It cannot cure you. I explain this in a lot more depth in my mini e-course, which is free and which you are welcome to sign up to.

You could join a social anxiety forum, sure. But what will you really achieve by doing this? Perhaps the opportunity to commesurate with loads of others suffering from the same condition. This might also bring you some relief, knowing that you are not alone and being able to discuss your problem with other sufferers. Again though, the exerperiences you share with these people will not help you to treat your condition and will in my opinion only make matters worse because joining a forum will only reinforce the belief in you that you have a serious problem - this is hugely counterproductive to your recovery. Although there may certainly be some useful information in forums, in my experience forums focussed on social anxiety and other mental conditions primarily involve people all getting together and moaning about how hard life is with their condition. Think about this, how is that going to help you?

Sitting around and moaning never helped anyone. You can get rid of social anxiety but you need to take positive action to remove the thought processes in your brain that cause your anxiety to trigger. The social phobia treatment I teach in my free e-course utilises cognitive behavioural therapy as the primary driving force behind removing the anxious habit which is one hundred percent the cause of you anxiety trigger. Once you have removed this habit by implementing the method, you symptoms will simply disappear. This is a lot simpler to do than you think and it is well worth it.I will leave you with this. Imagine what your life would be like without social anxiety? The things you could achieve and the relationships you could build? This is totally possible - you can have that life and you should, because you deserve it. You've suffered enough. So go sign up for your course and we'll speak shortly.

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Like so many such offerings of cures for anxiety disorders, this one will likely help itself to your wallet more than it will help you. Do your due diligence by searching the Internet using the terms "linden method scam".

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