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Thoughts On Being The Bread Winner
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People often argue about working to live or living to work. They want to support themselves and their families. However, they also want to feel a sense of purpose. I, too, am like them.

I want my family to be happy and healthy. I want us to be able to pay our bills. However, I also want to be allowed to work. I do not want to be told to "sit tight". If reincarnation was a real thing, and I knew that after I died, I would come back to Earth with no medical problems and nothing to hold me back, I would be patient. I would wait for my next life. Then I could live the life that I want to live and pursue my dreams. However, I do not believe in reincarnation. I am not a perfect human being, but I hope that I will go to Heaven when I die. As far as a chance for a professional life, however, my life on Earth is all that I have. This is why I want to be a bread winner.

I want a sense of purpose. Those who know me would say that my purpose is to be a wife, daughter, sister, etc. I am happy with my family roles. As to a sense of purpose, however, I want something more. I imagine waking up each morning around 7:30, taking a shower, getting breakfast, and then, upon checking my email, learning that I have millions more Twitter followers. More followers would work wonders for me, both in terms of motivation and earnings. I imagine publishing many articles each day. I also imagine getting phone calls or emails from schools or businesses whose representatives would be contacting me to have me come speak to their organizations.

I often think about net worth. I hear about well-known personalities in fields such as business or entertainment, and I read about what they are worth. I want people to talk about what I am worth. However, my idea of being a bread winner is different from what most people think of when they hear the term.

Most people associate the term "bread winner" with someone who works long hours at a job. The person might be just a regular employee, but often he is a manager of some sort.

I would love to be a bread winner. Rather than having a supervisor watching my every move and waiting to fire me, however, I would want to be a blogger. If blogging paid enough money to pay the bills, support the family, and it gave us enough extra money to go see a movie once in a while, I would love to support my family this way.

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