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What I Have Wished I Could Change About Myself
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If you are like many people, you may sometimes wish that you could change some things about yourself or your situation. Like you, I, too, have wished to change some things about me and my situation.

First, I have wished that I was rich. If I was rich, bills would not be a problem. I could pay off my student loans, which would allow my lenders to stop pestering me with letters and phone calls. Wealth is not all that I have wished for, however.

I have also wished that I was famous. If I was famous, I would have fans all over the world. People would recognize me when I went out, they would ask me for my autograph, and I would happily sign a picture for them. In addition to wealth and fame, there is one more thing that I have wished for: height.

I am 4'10 and in my late thirties. I have often wished to be taller so that I could see better. I have had the frustrating experience of having a tall person sit down in front of me at public functions. I then had to either peek around this person or move to another spot where I could see better. Despite my desire to be rich, famous, and taller, however, I think that my life is best the way it is.

If I was rich, I would have to pay more in taxes. There would also be no reason to work, since I had all the money that I would need. I like a challenge, and it feels good to earn money. Therefore, I would want to be financially comfortable, I think, but not rich.

If I was famous, I would never be left alone. I would feel as if I always had to look my best, and I would have people trying to catch me when I was at my worst--when I was tired, irritable, or sick, for example. I would be more than happy to send out autographed pictures of myself to fans who requested them, but if life got busy, it might take me a while to answer my fan mail. My fans might then get impatient and write letters asking why I had not sent the picture yet.

Finally, although some height would be wonderful, being tall might be a problem. For one thing, it might be difficult to find clothing that was the right size for me. I would also have to worry about being in the way of others. I would not want to spoil a special occasion for the person behind me because I was too tall for him to see what was going on up ahead.

With all of this in mind, I do not believe that I would change anything about myself. I think that I am fine just the way I am.

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