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The Gift Of Fear By Gavin De Becker Book Review
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At first, after reading the title, you might be thinking, how on earth can fear be a gift? If you've read a lot of the Anthony Robbins books and other self help psychology books you've no doubt heard that FEAR stands for:

False Evidence Appearing Real.

Like the type of fear when a high school kid wants to ask the girl out or the fear of changing jobs or careers.

What this is is worry (sorry I don't know what that stands for). And the book separates what fear and worry really are.

Fear is when you get a feeling about a situation or person. The type of uncomfortable feeling that you get when someone or something seems out of place or wrong.

This fear feeling is also know as intuition, and yes men have it to we just call it our gut. But it's the same thing.

One example from the book is a woman was bringing her son in for surgery. They both got a feeling that they didn't like the anesthesiologist. The mother couldn't quite place it and dismissed the feeling as being ridiculous.

Tragically the boy died due to complications from the anesthesia.

An example from my own life is from over ten years ago I was living and working in Toronto. I had taken a wrong turn when I got off the subway on my way back to where I was living. It was late at night and I was confused as I was relatively new in the city.

I guess the guy was observing me and I made it to the interview stage where a criminal decides whether or not you would make an easy victim.

He started asking questions all the while having his right hand behind his back in a stance that made it look like he was ready to pounce. Not anything overt but it did seem suspicious.

My instincts and martial arts training had told me that this guy probably had a knife in the hand I couldn't see. I stood my ground while maintaining a safe distance of about ten feet. Speaking firmly I let him know I had no interest in any tickets he was trying to sell me to the Leafs game.

He backed down and walked away probably in search of easier prey - hopefully never finding any.

These are two examples one where someone dismissed their intuition and it ended in tragedy. One where someone (me) trusted it and I walked away unhurt.

In the case of the boy even the anesthesiologist's co workers on the operating room felt uncomfortable with him. They didn't think he was competent. Nobody said anything and look what happened. a young life cut short.

Always trust your instincts and you are likely to always be safe. That's what the book entails and gives advice on how to do that.

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