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The Law Of Success Book Review
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The Law Of Success Book Review

Napoleon Hill is well known for his book, "Think and Grow Rich", which has driven many individuals to achieve and experience success as they define it.

In "The Law of Success", Napoleon Hill takes many lessons taught in "Think and Grow Rich" and organizes the material into 16 easy to read and follow chapters, which inspire and provide the reader the necessary tools to achieve their financial goals and aspirations.

The author begins with the foundational structure of developing your chief aim. Basically knowing the direction you desire to go, and reiterating the importance of aligning your desires, skills and abilities with your chosen path in life.

Although this book was published in 1928 and many of his insights initially appear to be outdated, the lessons are applicable, even today.

After establishing a well defined future and chief aim, he walks the reader through 15 principles to winning in all aspects of life. Those principles cover characteristics that are needed in an individual to be successful and truly find happiness in life.

Several principles are personal characteristics that are built and strengthened within oneself, while others are interpersonal characteristics needed to be successful within your business and professional relationships.

None of the principles are rocket science, but the simplicity of the concepts coupled with insightful stories and examples are extremely motivating.

The author is the master of achieving success, as he interviewed and was close friends with many of the greatest industrialist after the turn of the century. The lessons taught, patterns identified and similarities in those patterns leading them to their extreme financial victories are identified in "The Law of Success".

He has captured the simple steps of personal success such as initially identifying your chief aim in life. Clearly envisioning what success is to you. He then covers characteristics such as self-confidence, imagination, doing more than paid for, concentration, self-control and more, which provide the foundational tools to ultimately achieve success in your life.

Gratitude, hard work, commitment, and honesty are all values which Mr. Hill focuses on throughout his book. There is a price to pay for success and he is there as a coach to walk you through the proven steps to success.

Not only is Napoleon Hill providing you a lesson plan in “The Law of Success”, he also leads you through the process of selecting and developing a support team, a master mind group that will be your guiding force, your strength, your support, as you meet and exceed your financial goals.

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