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The Secret Book Review
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The Secret Book Review

In Rhonda Byrne's book, "The Secret", she shares her own personal story of being exhausted and miserable. She had lost her father, her relationships with others were failing, and she was unhappy.

As she learns about the laws of the past, most known as the law of attraction, she shares her climb back from the depths of despair and unhappiness to a life of fulfillment and joy. As a result, she has a desire to help others learn the secret to the law of attraction.

To simplify the principles behind the law of attraction, it is that like attracts like. What we think is what we become. What we are today is a culmination of our thoughts from the past responding to the universal law of attraction.

Much like a magnet, what we think, will be attracted to us. If we think about being poor and not having enough money, we will continue to attract that life and we will continue to be poor and wanting for things.

If we dwell on being in a rut and not being able to get out; it will continue to manifest itself to us.

Thoughts have frequencies; what we imagine and focus on is what is attracted to us.

I have always been a "prove it by using it" kind of person; Rhonda Byrne's book "The Secret" and the law of attraction was no exception. I immediately put it to the test.

I visualized finding money and in the course of just a few days, I found $60.00. My son and I were working in our yard and we found $40.00; one $20.00 bill had blown into the window well; the second one had blown under a bush I was weeding around. The third $20.00 bill was in a parking lot at the store.

The key to the law of attraction is clearly defining what you want and placing yourself into alignment to receive it. Instead of feeling anxiety, despair, helplessness and doubt, concentrate on feeling joy, peace, happiness and ultimate fulfillment. What you think you become.

If you focus on the negative; you will continue the cycle of negativity. If you focus on the positive; you will receive positive blessings in your life.

One of the greatest lessons I learned was from a scenario that is shared in the DVD; dream and visualize what you desire in your life. Act upon inspiration and your dreams will move into physical reality.

Just as a car driving a very long distance in the dark. The driver only sees 40' in front of himself at a time, but he can make it all the way to his destination safely.

We only need to see 40' at a time when we are going toward our dreams; we don't need to see the entire trip at once.

The universal law of attraction focuses and manifests itself based on our thoughts. Where our thoughts go, we will become. Focus on desired achievements and feel the exhilaration and excitement permeate in your life.

Document all of the things you are grateful for; even if you struggle with certain aspects. Only focus on the part you appreciate, and the inner peace, joy and love will abound and grow within you.

Declare what you desire from the universe and as you use the law of attraction, Rhonda Byrnes states it will come.

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