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All Things That Go Around Gives Subtle Clues To A Happier Life
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All Things That Go Around Gives Subtle Clues to A Happier Life

Dear Universal Friends, it gives me the greatest pleasure to write this article to you because the idea and concept of 'All things that go around gives subtle clues to a Happier life',came to me when I sat on the 468 bus to work. I started wondering about things that went around and around like a constant pattern. I started wondering like I always do about circular motion and the precision and accuracy of such.

There has to be a definitive plan out there that seems to work with precision, with accuracy and with sheer determination. If it works for ALL things that go around and around, surely it will work for us too. I pondered on this thought like a windmill that went around and around. Let us firstly investigate ALL evidential things that go around and around.

Planets go around and around the Sun but they also spin about their axis too, around and around. There is precision without collision, moving slowly but rapidly too to an outside observer. Their sizes are colossal but also small in comparison to the whole Universe. There is a great fierce of energy from within each planet that sears into temperatures that is unbearable but harbour life at its surface that is liveable. How extraordinary but yet so simple?

Atoms too, go around and around, as electrons orbit their nuclei. The quantum theory states that electrons take up different circular planes, each plane holding a fixed amount of electrons. Hydrogen, the simplest atom as only one electron, a single proton in it's nucleus and exists as the most abundant element in the Universe and certainly the most lightest.

An engine too goes around and around. A synchronised chamber of pistons fired by precision timing moves up and down and through a system of connecting rods and the camshaft rotation is achieved which is then transferred to the car wheels through a system of gears.

Around and around they go, the circular shape that is round has moved mountains, dug tunnels, traversed over the seas, across space and into reality. How can we make circular shapes and solids to help us in our daily lives. Well, the saying stands true when people utter what goes around must come around. To start sometime in life is to make the first move or to initiate the first move. From zero degrees we move depending on our stamina to the next degree.

A full circle is made up of 360 degrees. Whatever you start will only be completed when you reach 360 degrees or a full circle. Starting something and leaving it unattended is like a planet orbiting the Sun and suddenly decided to take a breather. This causes a massive change in gravitational attraction and a change in galactic activities. Stopping half way is futile because you may not realise that others are affected too.

All things completed haphazardly is like a tyre with an inflation. there a bulge or distortion. There is a variation from the circular feel of things to something irregular. In order to be Happy all things executed must be completed in Full. Completion must come from the heart, deep down into the roots of your thoughts which manifest itself into ACTION. ACTION is a potent 6 letter word. Action gives results that are uniform, normal and purposeful.

Everyone that completes a task no matter how big or small is like a planet, an atom,. a windmill or anything that goes around and around. Just think about it for the moment? Think about something that you recently done, be it gardening, painting, a chore, a proposal, a venture or whatever it may well be either minuscule or mammoth. Think, think, think!

Did you complete it wholeheartedly, did you? Did it achieve the results that you expected? This is the true essence of Happiness, to complete everything that you do with the reverberation that it deserves, by going around and around..

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