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Hi once again, its Anthony here wishing you everything of the best for the New Year and praying that all your unselfish goals will be achieved. Admittedly achieving them is not going to be easy, therefore i would like to introduce you to Arnie who is my virtual mentor and I hope that you will invite Arnie into your virtual home and allow him to show you the technique in goal achieving.

Lets be real honest with ourselves as each year passes by do we commit to goal settings? Do we? Let us be open about this because we do want to get it right, don't we. We don't want the end of year to come and start by repeating the same goals that could have been completed the previous year. Let us see if Arnie does indeed deliver what he promises and now that it is a few days away from 2012 surely allowing Arnie to enter your virtual world be something that you are willing to do. Okay enough of that, who is Arnie?

Arnie is my personal mentor and he can become yours today. In the month of December Arnie talks about the human cell in a very humorous way. His monthly featured article in The Databank Times magazine is there to guide you and motivate you in achieving your goals. This is really the crutch of all goal setting failures or successes. How many of you have listed goals down mentally or physically but did not actually achieve them. Arnie understands this and wants you to take a more serious effort into goal setting. Arnie is aware of stumbling blocks that come upon you and hinder your efforts, your progress and your success.

Arnie realises that this is a slow process and therefore Arnie develops the technique of goal achieving in a slow and accommodating way. Arnie believes in good health as opposed to wealth by stealth. Arnie climbs the ladder of success with you ensuring that you do not stumble along the way. Arnie encourages you to participate because Arnie makes you aware that it is not a magical potion that you take, breathe or inject. Arnie say that working diligently and constantly will give results that you can see, feel and appreciate.

Arnie wants you to be committed. Arnie wants you to read his article each month and Arnie wants you to be successful. Success in life opens new doors. Each door represents an aperture into your future. You then begin to appreciate life and you take the necessary steps unselfishly to achieve all your goals. Arnie says join him on twitter for the countdown to New Year as he prepares you for your goal conquering. With love and friendship from Arnie.

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