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Breathing Best Fast Weight Loss Plan
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Everyone is so captivated and carried away with the millions of weight loss plans out there that

they become so confused. They do not know which plan to choose. There are plans that could be injurious to your health and there are plans that could be beneficial to your health. The simple rule of thump is, we must choose a plan that is developed specially for us due to individual difference. Come to find out that to get this type of plan developed particularly for us cost lots of money.

The Safest Plan of All

In our hustle, bustle of everyday life, and trying to figure out which plan out of the millions out there would be adequate for our purpose, we miss the simplest, free, and safest of all plans namely: breathing and laughter. Remember the adage? Laughter is the best medicine? It still holds true. This adage was

coined by the people of old when they did not have the dieting knowledge, the counting calorie

knowledge etc. They did not know how many calories are burned when we run for 30 minutes for example. Today, all these information are at our fingertips. Just a click of the mouse.

Knowledge that Can Change Your Life

What would you do if you can suddenly climb a flight of stairs without feeling exhausted and breathing heavily? How would you feel if you can after a very short time be able to tie and untie your shoes again?, or fit into that Bikini that you bought just to please him but can't wear again. All of these things you can do if you learn breathnotherapy coupled with laughter along with burning/counting calories

and intake reduction.

Composition of the Best Fast Weight Loss Plan

Like I said above the best fast weight loss plan is so simple that most people don't even think about it.

It is made up of breathnotherapy, laughter, burning calories and intake reduction. Breathnotherapy is made up of Stomach breathing, Chest breathing, Hands-up breathing and exhalation.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

When is the last time you had a good laugh? I mean a good laugh that makes your sides ache or makes you sweat? Laughter is a form of deep breathing and according to research it increases blood vessel activity which helps

reduce high blood pressure

build strong immune system

cures depression

reduces the production of stress hormones.


So we can see that breathing and laughter coupled with the accurate information about which exercises

to choose to burn the amount of calories we need to burn added to appropriate intake reduction is the fastest weight loss plan.

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