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E - Cigs Are A Better Alternative To Tobacco Cigarettes
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E  -  Cigs Are A Better Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes

We all know that there are thousands upon thousands of chemicals in tobacco cigarettes. Smokers have probably had doctors, non-smokers, family, and friends tell them that, but nothing will keep them from puffing that tobacco cigarette. Taking a better look at the picture, and really seeing what is in that cigarette you smoke may change your mind, and get you to switch to a better alternative, like E-Cigs.

Electronic Cigarettes contain nothing but a water vapor and pure nicotine, as opposed to the thousands of other chemicals you’ll inhale with a traditional cigarette. They do not contain many of the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes like ammonia which is used for cleaning, acetone which is used to take off nail polish, tar which is used to make roads, and formaldehyde which they use to cover a corpse with. They are a much healthier switch for your body and you will not be killing yourself while you smoke. Don’t kill yourself because of a habit, make the switch and live a healthy life.

These electronic cigarettes do not harm your body like tobacco cigarettes, yet they still give you the same satisfaction of a traditional cigarette. Tobacco cigarettes also contain carbon monoxide, which is the opposite of oxygen, which means it is not meant to go inside your body, but you have no control over that when smoking traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, Tobacco cigarettes are found to have a trail of arsenic, which is rat poison, and also cyanide, which is used inside gas chambers as poison. This is where your coughing comes from, when you suck in all those poisons from a tobacco cigarette, and on top of all that, you are puffing out carcinogens, which is what produces cancer. When you finally take a close look into a tobacco cigarette, you will come to realize that E-Cigs are a much better choice when you are considering your health and the health of others.

Be Able To Smoke Where You Want

A huge benefit to smoking these alternative cigarettes and not tobacco cigarettes is being able to smoke where ever you feel is necessary. Tobacco smoking is being banned from many places, and in some has already been taken into effect. Smoking E-Cigs allows you to enjoy smoking and to be able to smoke when you get the urge to. You no longer need to stand outside and puff; you simply can do it from your office desk, on your couch at home, in your car, even at a restaurant. You can enjoy electronic cigarettes anywhere, especially knowing you are not harming others around you. Because this device does not contain dangerous chemicals or poisons, there is no dangerous second hand smoke created. The small smoke output that is released when you exhale is merely the mechanism of the electronic cigarette itself because it’s just simple water vapor within the cigarette. This is why you can enjoy your it anywhere you want and not harm or annoy others while you smoke.

With or Without Nicotine

One of the good things about smoking E-Cigs is that you can control the level of nicotine you want to put into your body. Tobacco cigarettes do not offer this option, and that is why it is hard to quit and the habit to smoke is always there. When transitioning to E-Cigs, you’re able to have control over the nicotine levels in your cigarette can help you lessen the amount you smoke and even help you quit all together. If you are a heavy tobacco smoker, you can start off with a high dose of nicotine and gradually cut down the amount you smoke allowing your body to slowly adjust. This gives you control over how much or when you smoke helping you wean off nicotine and tobacco cigarettes in a much easier manner than ever before.

E-Cigs in general are much better then tobacco cigarettes because they do not contain all those deathly poisons and chemicals, they allow you to control how much nicotine goes in your cigarette, and you can smoke them anywhere you would like.

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