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Easy Ways To Live Green: The Simplest Tips To An Eco-Life
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Going green can be as simple as changing a habit or two. If we teach our children to do their part from the very start it will be natural to them, something they will not even have to think about.

While we are teaching our children these new lessons, we can be changing some old ones for ourselves. Of course, our older children are learning some of these tips in school, and if you ask them, they might teach you a new habit as well. Not only does it reinforce the green tip, but it enhances their learning as well. Don’t look at green living as a hardship or a chore, but as a natural progression to how things really should be.

Eco-trends do not have to cost a lot or take a lot of time and can be as simple as changing the way that you choose certain products. Some of the easiest ways to live green are:

1. Single-stream recycling. Instead of separating your recyclables into different containers and bins, occasionally waiting for individual pick-up, single-stream recycling makes the process that much easier. All items that are destined to be recycled can be put into one container, picked up at the same time saving the time of the consumer and resources of the city.

2. Up-cycling. This new term should become part of the lexicon of the eco-crusaders from every level in the coming years. Basically the concept is simple: all items are made over, re-purposed or given new life as something entirely new. (Like towels being cut into wash clothes for instance.)

Plastic shopping bags can either be taken to the shopping center to be recycled or used for other purposes at the home- for instance as stuffing for items. (Make sure that the item is securely sewn shut and do not allow them to be used for babies.)

3. Reduced Packaging. Not only does this save companies countless amounts of money, it reduces the amount of waste that each consumer must deal with once they get their new product home. Trust me, no one misses the extraneous packaging.

4. Efficient Lighting. Investigating the most cost effective and long lived bulbs not only saves you money in the long run but uses less energy as well. Start with using the lowest wattage bulb that you can get away with for each room. Upgrade to the bulbs that burn cooler and last longer. Check out energy listing rates for each type of bulb.

5. Energy saving updates and energy use audits. Every year the average American home wastes a great deal of their heating and cooling energy through leaky windows, drafty floors and other trouble spots. Finding and repairing these leaky spots can save countless resources, but money for the family as well.

Any one of these tips can benefit the average family which in turn will benefit the planet at large. For every single person that conforms to these easy tips, there is that much more hope for a greener tomorrow.

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