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Further Quotes Of The Modern Day
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It gives me the greatest pleasure to make available 'Quote' that I have written since the 8th of December for your perusal and extrapolation. Your success is as equally important as my success. I may not know you but I know that you are there, waiting to be held and carried to a new concept to life, a life that is fair for you and fair for others.

Where amongst ALL of can the word fairness be liberally used. Fairness only exists to those that have found and sued for their benefit. I have unfolded secrets over the past two decades that has changed my life, now I want to change yours, with your permission of course.

I want to see you steer your rudder into the unfair stream upwards and benefit by taking negatives and making them positives. I want to see you succeed because success is for ALL and not just for a few:

  1. ‘Failure stems from procrastination’.
  2. ‘Don’t give up, don’t give in. Give out and give a lot’ Use the next 7 days to complete your duties for the week, we will review them next week.'
  3. ‘Our true persona is the character and personality that others see in us and not what we see in ourselves’
  4. ‘What is a goal if no thought, assessment, management or inference is undertaken. It is like a shot in the dark’.
  5. ‘A goal a day keeps the evildoer away’. To keep your goals alive careful thought, assessment and management is needed.
  6. ‘From the sum of my actions cometh upon me the manner of my identity, my petulance, my fortune and finally my demise.’
  7. ‘How do we measure success in life lies entirely in how we appreciate what we already have?’
  8. ‘It is never too late to start something. All things start from nothing and slowly manifest themselves into something’.
  9. ‘How we measure success does lie in how we appreciate what we already have but also in what we want in life.’
  10. ‘The barrier that we face is the barrier that we create. The carrier we need is faith to stop the harrier of all our obstacles.’
  11. ‘Money is the Pallbearer of ALL evil but yet it is the necessity that we simply cannot do without’
  12. ‘Live your life according to your unselfish goals. Take the necessary strides to achieve them, but don’t hurt others in the process.’
  13. ’Your true financial status lies in your capabilities and not in your vocation. Your capabilities are from within and depend on your passion.
  14. ‘To embrace change when needed is easier when you anticipate change beforehand.’

Please use these quotes in everyday situations and reap the rewards of each application. To your health you deserve an equal amount of wealth and happiness. May 2012 bring the change that awaits YOU. With love and everlasting friendship - Anthony

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