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Futher Quotes For The Affluent Mind
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It is indeed my great pleasure to create this article for your perusal. your use and your enlightenment. These quotes that I write are deep, profound and meaningful. I say this with strong exuberance because when I read the quotes after I have written them I feel the deepness, profoundness and meaningfulness in them, immediately.

This why with great spirit and deep aspirations I make these quotes available to you so that you may feel the same. You may print these quotes if needed to enhance your day. You may enquire from me for a possible purport if required. I will rush these off to you in a jiffy.

Life is ALL about sharing, caring and remaining free. I will always want to share, care and remain fair and as my day comes to end I will ensure that you shall be blessed with whatever information I can unselfishly pass on to you.

What follows now is further quotes to carry with you, in your heart, in your mind, in your wallet, in your purse, in your satchel, in your briefcase, in your portfolio or just on your laptop. Keep them with you forever and ever and reflect on them when so needed.

  1. ‘Every second has the value of a penny. Every penny has the value of a seed. Every seed has the genetic code to grow. Growth it shall be but time it shall take. Amongst ALL the obstacles there shall be a tree that gives oxygen, shelter and warmth to ALL.’
  2. 'I shall only follow a set of instructions that gives proven results.’ This is the Entrepreneurial Dozen. A set of twelve words that will change your life for the common good and forever the Happiness you deserve.
  3. 'Paving the way to a successful career is an arduous task, but the chemistry behind it is simple, orchestrated and rewarding’
  4. ‘Success is measured by the movement of space and time and YOU, which I called the Success Rate of an individual’
  5. ‘To the ends of the Earth I shall thread knowing that I shall flow rhythmically in all that I do. My quest is at rest, but the best is yet to be tested’
  6. ‘To attain a good Success Rate you must maintain, sustain, retain and regain your efforts each day.’
  7. ‘Be kind to yourself, find yourself amongst the chaos of the world, and then bind your thoughts to move forward eloquently and fastidiously.’
  8. ‘Love what you do, love what you hear, love the world and love its inhabitants. Don’t move forward until love is around you.’
  9. ’Goals only become significant, accomplished and fulfilled when they are first conjured up unselfishly in your mind and then acted upon’
  10. 'Follow the star that shines the brightest along the horizon, keep to its elliptical path and then you shall see your way home safely.

There you go dear friends, hidden amongst these fine words there is a solution just for you. Read them with patience, in solitude, under the candlelight, amongst the shrubbery, amidst the valley, against the breakers, along the lake or just in a village spa. The choice is yours but the rewards are for ALL.

Whoever walks up the valley of fortune will always come down in a hurry, because when they get to the top they often forget to carry their quotes for guidance, inspiration and stalwart. Use your quotes for easy reference and carry them with you whichever journey you trek. Till the next instalment please do make good use of your TIME, make 2012 your year.

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