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Are you a blood donor? Many people give regularly. By donating blood, you help people to live. You allow them to pursue their dreams.

If you are a regular blood donor, you know that blood center personnel will tell you to make the meal after your donation a good one. What would be considered a good meal?

One idea for a meal after your blood donation is to go to a buffet-style restaurant. Buffets offer a variety of foods, including meats and vegetables, which will help the donor to replace necessary nutrients.

Another option is to eat dinner at home. A meal such as meatloaf, salad, and a slice of buttered bread is one option for a meal that will help to replace nutrients that were lost during the donation. Other meal ideas include spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna.

What do you get when you give blood? Usually, you get a snack, a soft drink or bottled water, and a T-shirt. You also get the good feeling that you just saved a life. Your donation might go to a student who will be attending medical school, a beauty pageant contestant, an actor, a writer, or a mother.

The gifts have been opened, the relatives are going home, and Christmas is over, but the giving does not have to end. Many people give year-round. They give clothing and toys to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. They give food to the food bank. They give books to the library. They also give blood. Because people give, others will have what they need.

Because people donate clothing, those who need it can go to places like Goodwill and get clothing for themselves or their family. They can get reasonably priced items such as coats and jeans. They can also get khaki pants, which are often a workplace staple for the retail industry and are also required by many schools. Children outgrow toys as they get older, so parents donate them to Goodwill. That way, other parents can get toys for their children.

Food is another item that people donate. They go through their kitchen cabinets, pull out cans of food that have been in the cabinet for a while, bag them up, and take them to the local food bank. People in need can then go to the food bank and get the food that they need.

When people finish reading a bestseller, some people might throw the book away. A better idea is to share the book with others who might want to read it. Donate it to the library. That way, others will get to enjoy the suspense and laughter that you enjoyed.

Finally, give blood. There is always a need, and blood centers accept all types of blood. January is National Blood Donor Month, so watch for blood drives in your area. You can also contact the Red Cross for more information and to find out where you can donate. Do it today. Life is a precious gift, and others deserve to enjoy that gift. Eat a good breakfast before donating, make your next meal a good one, and help save a life.

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