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What is life without life itself? What is the purpose of life if life comes to an end when we die? We may well bequeath our estate to our siblings with good cause but have we really made provisions for them to move forward into a world so unpredictable but yet so sparsely defined. The purpose of Historical Countdown is to remind us of our purpose in life and events in life that has passed us so dramatically which we so conveniently try to forget. I hope that one day we can and will re-instate our purpose in life by identifying our roles and acting humanly responsible.

In my personal scenario the last 50 years have been quite traumatic as my ‘monomorphic’ life pattern was more or less filled with horrent trials and tribulations. Despite this unless prompted to remember I forgot most of them. What was the purpose of my life on Earth if from the above description I have more or less drifted like a bark on a downstream rapid? Experiencing life good or bad is actually a niche to move forward enlightened and pronounced, this is the definition of a purposeful life.

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls this article called Historical Countdown is about us and how we fit into the entire chemistry of light from the beginning. Yes, the beginning holds an almanac or history of our lives. Today we may hold the stethoscope or callipers in our hand but in centuries gone by we may have held the sickle or rein in our hands instead. Our existence is somewhat of a conjecture. Today we are so engrossed in our daily grind that we conveniently forget or put aside our real existence.

What are we here for in the first place. History does indeed collectively show that species of life did come and go. So do we, we do come into the stage of life on Earth and perish according to our circumstances, but is this really the way it should be. What if I was to say that we came upon this planet for a reason and we are destined to live for 100 years changing each decade from a child to a toddler, to a teenager and then to an adult and finally old age. What then is our purpose? Historical Countdown, a monthly publication can be read at The Databank Times which helps us to understand our real roles in life by capturing events that passed us. A lot of us do conveniently forget these events because we are too engrossed in our daily activities. Historical Countdown highlights an event in History and makes us understand what happened, why did it happen and what if it went the other way.

You see, a lot us do in fact take things for granted and therefore do not make decisions correctly. You see every decision that you are constantly making has a chain reaction of how history is written. So, if your actions are bad then history records this as a bad event and conversely if your actions were good then this will be recorded as good. So how does reading 'Historical Countdown' help you? Historical Countdown helps you realise the importance of decision making. We are the writers of our script or history and how we act determines how history will be written.

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