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How Do You Cope With Boredom?
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Some people do not handle boredom very well. Rather than finding activities to occupy their time, they might instead pace back and forth and complain about having nothing to do.

I live a life that some may find boring. My husband and I do not have Internet access or satellite service, because we cannot afford these things. We deal with the lack of Internet access by periodically going to the library and by taking our laptops with us when we go visit family. Instead of watching television, we watch DVDs.

When I am not watching movies, I listen to music. I love a number of the songs that are currently on the Top 40 chart, such as "Hall of Fame", "Try", and "Daylight". I am always hoping that the songs, or something I hear during a commercial break, will inspire ideas for more articles. I enjoy listening to the radio, and I plan to listen until the day that I die. However, I would like to have Internet access and satellite service in my home. If I had these services, my life would change for the better.

For one thing, when people asked if I had seen a show, I could honestly say that I had seen it. We could talk about a funny thing that one of the characters said and about funny things that happened during the show.

Another way that my life would change is that my husband and I would not have to use our gas to go to the library in order to access the Internet, and we would not have to put up with the time limits that the library staff imposes on us when we use their computers. Instead of using the library's computers, we could stay home, save gas, use our own computers, and go online anytime. I could check the headlines and see what is trending on Twitter, and my husband could stay in touch with his publisher and keep up with the news. By paying attention to what is going on locally, nationally, and world-wide, we would be informed, and we could potentially be safer than we might be if we did not know what was going on.

Until our situation changes, however, I can run, write, read my husband's novels, and listen to music. I am sure that there are many things out there that are dying to get my attention so that I can write about them. By being healthy, I will be able to continue my work.

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