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How To Figure Out What Career Is Right For You – The Crucial First Step
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Whatever has happened to you to get to where you are is not what I am writing about here. I start from the question you have about how to figure out what career is right for you. It’s a valid question that most of us ask at one time or another for various reasons.

Like I did some years ago. I had reached that crossroads in my life where I knew I could not continue  where I was working but I did not know where I was going either. Add to that a wife and two kids (then) whom I have an obligation to and the whole thing got out of proportions.

Long story short, I resigned from that job and struggled for three full years before I was able to identify my next career. That is a lot of time wasted and it should not have been that way. In retrospect, I know where I missed it. I missed it at the first step. Let me explain.

Most people I know start with wanting the way out. That’s what I did. Then they get the way out only to find themselves in the cold and then we have to go back to where we wanted to get out from in the first place. It’s humiliating. It’s humbling. It should not be so. I wish I was smarter.

The first step in the first step, for those who are already in some career is not to leave…yet. Stay in there. This is very crucial especially if you have financial obligations. You will relieve yourself of a lot of stress. And I would like to add, unnecessary stress.

The second step in the first step is to get hold of a good tool to analyze yourself. You need to do this so that you know your strong points whether it be skills, competencies, hobbies, talents and everything else that describes you. I can’t say that in more words than I have already written. So read it again. I will wait.

Done? Good. You need to understand that most people are frustrated in their careers because they have a mismatch between their skills, abilities and so on and the career. That is why this is a crucial step. For example, you can find a perfectly qualified accountant who does not like detail. They got the qualification because probably their parents wanted them to take that career course. I know of a girl who got the degree her parents wanted her to do. She passed with distinction, then, at her graduation ceremony, she got the degree, gave it to her parents, and went on to do a law degree. Something she had always wanted.  Sounds familiar?

So jumping from one career to another without knowing who you really are is just switching the magnitude of your stress. Your first step is to get yourself a tried and tested tool to analyze yourself. Get three so you can get more accurate readings. Only after knowing yourself through analysis, will you be able to map out a career that you love and you are well equipped for.

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