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How To Increase Intelligence
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How to Increase Intelligence

Why do you think is important to improve your intelligence?

You could think as many people do that our everyday activities such as work, study and house chores are enough to keep our brain active and occupied but, even though our brain is alert while we are doing all this activities many of them do not need any effort from our brain.

The human being has developed so many technologies in order to provide facilities for us. However, it seems to be the perfect way to lose our intelligence. Most of the time we pick the easy way to do things; for instance, we usually choose to watch the news rather than read the news paper or watch the movie instead of reading the book. Thus, all those things can affect the development and performance of our brain.

It is important to know that we can improve our lives by training our brain. Studies have shown that training our brain can enhance our concentration, memory and creativity. Therefore, our everyday performance will be better. We should stimulate our brain through new experiences and by changing our bad habits. We can start our own new brain training system just trying to learn new things and avoiding activity`s repetitions.

Here are some exercises that can help us to train our brain an increase our intelligence.

1. Read more

Books, news papers and magazines will give us new information everyday; indeed, our vocabulary will improve dramatically. Hence, it will give us better ideas to express our self. Reading is the most important tool to learn how to increase intelligence.

2. Exercise regularly

The more aerobic exercise we do, the more oxygen our brain gets, it actually increases the amount of neurotransmitters released, giving to our brain more fuel to work properly.

3. Being confident

You have to trust yourself; take everything as a challenge and do always your best. If you push yourself you can reach your goals .Remember that where you see is where you go.

4. Find out your favorite place

It is important to find a comfortable environment, place and moment to increase your brain power.

How to increase intelligence is not only a matter of genetics, we can do so many things to improve our quality of live. Small changes in our life style can lead to important benefits to our brain performance. Not only new activities but also avoiding alcohol, having good eating habits, exercising, having good sleep time and playing brain games can improve intelligence and people`s confidence helping them to make better choices.

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