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How To Overcome Fear
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In todays day and age the future for many financially for themselves and their families tends to be dark and grim at times and very stressful. It’s the four letter word that makes millions of people experience physical sickness in their stomach depending on the severity of their problems and it’s called fear. A question that comes up quite often is how to overcome fear? This fear could be anything but let’s for example say that the current state of our economy and the stock market has you feeling so uncertain and fearful that its hard for yourself to see things change. Well I’m not going to BS anyone and say things will get better because they probably won’t and chances are things will get worse for some however I am going to share 4 helpful tips to how to overcome fear.

1.) The one factor that contributes to people fearing the worse is their lack of knowledge on the topic and letting people who have no self control of their mind affect your current state. We are as humans our beliefs. Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right. If you are currently around individuals who are not taking action to better themself, or overcoming the obstacles you wish to overcome then you need to separate yourself from this person. You are a direct reflection of your peer group because 99% of the time your closest peer group shares and shapes each other’s standards. The best way to feed your brain is through knowledge which will ultimately change your state and put you into a more resourceful state of mind where you can think clearly and focus on the task at hand because you know more. This can be done through books, audio files, or actual videos. Your thirst for knowledge is the key to gaining your confidence and taking control of your mind.

2.) Take care of your body and make it stronger. Personal fitness is one of the strongest recurring themes in successful people. Whether you’ve been slacking at the gym or never been before its time to start taking care of your body and making it strong because stress, and fear literally strain your body physically. Eating clean, and developing a healthier lifestyle whether you make tremendous progress or slowly make progress it doesn’t matter because progress equals happiness. It doesn’t matter sometimes how fast you get to your destination or goal it only matter that you arrive.

3.) Find someone to model yourself after. There’s nothing more powerful than seeing a living example so you can implement and see how people implement the knowledge you gain in feeding your brain that hour every day. It’s one thing to learn something from text, or audio, but it is that much more powerful to have a role model you can connect with in order to implement your plan.

4.) Have a plan and implement. You need to take immediate action and you cannot afford to wait around for the perfect plan, or the perfect physical fitness plan, afford a trainer or whatever. One must take immediate action and results will come whether they are what you expected or not you will have an outcome to work off of.

How to overcome fear can be quite simple in theory but one will need to implement the following above as well as continue to feed your brain the necessary tools and resources one will need in the situations life throws at us.

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