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In elementary school, the teacher wanted me to grow up and become a rocket scientist. Matter of fact, the teacher wanted everyone to become a rocket scientist. I think it had something to do with saving the world. Throughout my life, the constant cry has been about the planet deteriorating.

As such, a new hero is needed to save us from ourselves. The teacher was in search of someone who could understand that MC square stuff. I am sad to report that I was not the one. Each and every time I attempted to put the rocket scientist hat on, it would not fit. However, I am very happy to report that a few of the students went on to achieve success in various science fields.

For a while, I was really sad because I didn't become a rocket scientist. One day I was standing in a line at the bank and the computer systems were malfunctioning, thereby causing a delay. The gentleman behind me started a conversation, when he uttered his first word; I immediately knew he was well versed in many subjects. As the conversation continued, it was revealed that he was a real life rocket scientist. When I explained about my elementary teacher wanting me to become a rocket scientist, we just laughed. He asked me, what would have happened, or what kind of world would we be living in if everyone became a rocket scientist? Before I could answer his question, he said, someone has to make the rocket ships so scientist can be propelled into space.

After telling him I was retired, he told me that I had nothing to feel guilty about, because I had served honorably as an American. He further advised me to shed my guilt. Just loosen up, he said, and spend the rest of your days doing some of the things you always wanted to do.

At that point, I felt the weight of my guilt being taken off my shoulders. I also realized that no matter what we aspire to be, everyone can not become the president of the United States. However, we all have various parts to play. Sometimes our parents will attempt to create a path in life that they want us to follow. However, if we find that particular path is not compatible, we must find our own way.

If we become productive citizens, we would be doing our part to advance the causes and concerns of our country.

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