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Every man or woman will openly tell that the daily grind of their lives has taken its final toll. The higher their assets the greater their liabilities. There is a race out there in the world of commerce as each and everyone compete for financial gain conjuring up deals that are unfair and adding this to their portfolio of other achievements.

The Universe is opulent and will cater for every individual but the true ramifications lie within you and what you really want in life. When we leave school permanently to start a career in a field related or unrelated to our real goals we often start with a clean slate. By this I mean we do not owe people, financial institutions or Store or Credit Cards any money.

However when we receive our first pay cheque it is straight to the stores to buy things that we dreamt about all those years ago. We do this usually with impatience and spend without careful planning and thought. The result, years of financial misery with bills upon bills that await us each month into a never-ending saga of Payments verses Income.

In my personal trials and tribulations over the last 49 years I must say without the slightest bit of hesitation that the greatest stress factor in anyone's lives is Financial Stress. Financial Stress is the loom, gloom and perfect doom for all. People from all over the world feel the stress of Finances. Some people take on more than they can possibly chew. Most people borrow more to salvage their crisis and inevitably become more indebted.

I think that the key areas to cope with life is Financial Planning. Financial Planning should cater for all aspects of your life and should not be based on your income but should take into consideration areas in your life where income could be curtailed, removed or stolen. Financial Planning should be correctly instilled in your children and in their children too. Every penny matters as every matter is worth more than a penny.

Taking care of your finances will leave enough room to cater for the other aspects of your life and that of your dependent. Life is not about going to work and earning an income. Life is about you and you cope with it. Every new day is upon us and that can change by weather patterns, world events or personal tragedies. Whatever the case may well be the day shall be upon you whether you like it or not.

You cannot hide from tomorrow but you can administer today so that tomorrow may come upon us in a better light and a better challenge. So see each day as a challenge because you are not alone on this planet. There are almost 7 billion other people of equal standing, morals and hope. Everyone needs a fair share but the association with other people creates a rift, a confrontation and a race for space.

The key to real success is how you cope with other human beings. How do you associate with the person next door, or above or below? How do you walk the streets knowing that others share the same path? How do you wait for a bus, do you barge into the entrance doors or do you follow the queue instead. This is the second concept to coping with life in general.

Learning to cope is not based on hope but to allow enough rope to meet the challenges ahead. Firstly do not live your live based on your last penny, this is not hope but open foolishness. Secondly treat each day as a challenge, live in anticipation by careful anticipation. Finally respect every human being on our planet with equality and recognition. As you embrace each day with your own list of goals take note too that others from all corners of the world have an equal right to the day.

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