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My Mission For Today Is To Make Someone Smile
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No matter how my day unfolds, I have taken it upon myself to make someone smile today. For the past couple of years, at least twice a month and sometimes more, I find ways to put a smile on some stranger’s face. It would be useless for me to sit around counting my many woes when I know that someone out there is worst off than me. Even if they are not worst off, they are still human, and needs to be shown a little appreciation. In reading this, you may think I am some major philanthropist, far from the case. If I make someone smile, I will also smile when I see them smiling.

No dollar amount can be associated with that. Would I give my very last dime to see someone smile? Yes, because a person may possess untold wealth and still be depressed and unhappy. Kind acts from one human being to another may hold the key to uplifting all spirits.

Inasmuch as I am retired, I no longer have to stress myself out getting up each morning to punch a clock. However, I am completely cognizant of the many factors involved in many low paying jobs and how it can be debilitating to one’s very soul. Many of these folks are raising children and every little bit helps. All of my children are grown, gone and independent. As such, I am not taking anything out of their mouths.

After retirement, I probably could have pursued a path where I could have made huge amounts of money. However, I asked myself, what was more important, having peace of mind or remaining in the rat race trying to make a great deal of money. Even if I were able to make large amounts of money, what would I do with it? After all, I am not getting any younger. Moreover, I want to take the time to breathe fresh air in the mountains whenever I so desire.

This is one of the methods I may use to make someone smile. I may get into my car and drive in any direction for fifty or more miles. When I see a breakfast establishment, I will go in order and eat breakfast, and leave a forty-dollar tip. The look on the server face is so pleasing. I then get up and go back home or take a walk in the park. Believe me, if I could do this everyday, I surely would. To me, that smile is happiness.

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