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New Years Resolutions - Part 5
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As we embrace the New Year with our own stories of the previous year what will 2012 hold for us? Is it going to be one of gloom, doom or bloom. You see dear friends, we are the writers of our intent and as we amass a script of our yearly activities we do not really realise that we make the world the way it is.

The New Years Resolutions series of which this is the penultimate instalment is here to help you, guide and steer you to a more purposeful and composite lifestyle as opposed to the stress, anxiety and anger our daily grind usually brings. I say this from experience, observation, communication and research. I cannot make statements that are not true. We are indeed stressed, anxious and angry.

Let us conclude our countdown in the usual fashion and let us see if we can earmark a more defined meaning to our real existence. I suppose in one sense the real question is why would we be here if we are always stressed, anxious and angry. Is it because we are too engrossed in our materialistic desires and financial obligations that we drift away from our more rather fundamental and human role?

78. Countdown 5: It is Boxing Day dear Friends, I hope and pray that your Xmas was a special one filled with joy and happiness.

79. Boxing Day is a day of alms and salvation as you pour out your love and thoughts to the poor in a box.

80. Quote of the Day: ‘Live to give, live to love and live to strive.’ Giving with your heart is a resolution in the making.

81. In the finality of our goal setting pledge we will make our static list into a dynamic one. We will take our thoughts and turn them into ACTION!

82. What is Action? Action is the unique process of doing something in order to achieve a goal but it also involves energy as well.

83. Tomorrow we shall scurry the path of good and proper eating so that we shall be able to release the correct pockets of energy to do work.

84. Countdown 5: It is very difficult to start something new. Like all other things there always seems to be obstacles of all shapes and sizes.

85. Getting the right pockets of energy comes from proper eating of which The Databank Times covers this well

86. However there is something else. A sort of magic potion and that is to exercise according to your circumstances

87. So coupling the 2 together, correct eating and exercise will give you the right formula to release the right amounts of energy to do work.

88. There is something else which we will overcome in the next few days, which are fear, passion, commitment and patience.

89. Quote of the day: ‘All things great or small can be conquered with proper planning, correct eating, exercising, courage, passion, commitment and patience’.

90. Planning started when you sought your resolutions in your mind, then on paper and finally visually using suitable images from the internet.

91. Tomorrow – overcoming fear, Thursday – Passion, Friday – Commitment, New Years Eve – Patience. Have a great day! London is 12°C, quite unusual for time of year!

92. Countdown 4: What would you think is the greatest obstacle you ever faced? An obstacle that always prevents you from achieving your goals.

93. Regretfully that obstacle is fear. Fear that others invoke in you and fear that you invoke in yourself. Fear is a menacing 4 letter word.

94. Let us examine the meaning of this inhibiting word. a) Fear makes you worry that what you will want to achieve will result in failure.

95. b) Fear makes you afraid of people around you or in authority that whatever action you take will result in failure.

96. c) Fear makes you regret that when something goes wrong the consequences of it going wrong again will be even worse.

97. d) Fear makes you anxious because you anticipate danger if something you do will go wrong. To overcome fear you need COURAGE.

98. All previous resolutions that failed have fear embedded in it. The mean reason for this is we are impatient and want results immediately.

99. Courage is the driving force that makes you realise that you are a novice in all that you do and with patience you will slowly see a change.

100. Tomorrow we shall see how passion invokes courage.

Thank you for following this series and I hope that it will invoke the inner spirit within you to see 2012 in a better light. With warmth, love and affection. Anthony

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