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Part 4 - New Year's Resolutions
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I must admit I did not realise that my New Year's Resolution Countdown would extend beyond 2 parts but as each day passed by I needed to emphasise how important it is for all of us to become serious about our lives, about our goals and about our vision for our future. Living on planet Earth is quite a task because with a population of almost 7 billion there is obviously a contention for space, need and desire.

The other reason for Part 4 is that our list building for our Resolutions actually came to an end yesterday, the 24th of December 2012. Therefore I thought that it would be fitting to conclude our countdown today knowing that tomorrow the 26th of December will be the start to devoting our time in the remaining days of 2011 to make our static resolutions into dynamic resolutions.

We do not realise fully that our working body can be likened to a dynamo. A dynamo is a machine that can perform work relentless but it is also a device that can remain static if left without a command from you. Our bodies work according to the instructions that we give it. Our commands make our bodies work accordingly. These are the remaining countdowns for your New Year's Resolutions, because from tomorrow we are going to learn to keep our resolutions alive and not just a figment of our imagination.

65. Countdown 8: We are at the brink of Christmas, what an extraordinary year filled with such devastating news. Surely we ALL would like 2012 to be better.

66. Start your New Year’s Resolution with a daily good deed, done spontaneously and done without the expense of someone else.

67. Quote of the Day: ‘A Good Deed a day will keep the evildoer away’. Yes, performing good deeds daily is your tool to success.

68. Watch more videos on YouTube for more inspiration as you get ready to selectively choose a list of New Year’s Resolutions that you want to keep.

69. Remember from Boxing Day we will stick to this static list of Resolutions and look at ways to make them dynamic!

70. Countdown 7: It is Christmas Eve, last chance to grab the Xmas bargains and also to wrap up your resolutions.

71. I must congratulate you for keeping the torch of hope alive and for having the courage to meet the New Year rekindled and ready.

72. Quote of the Day: ‘Never lose hope and never lose faith. Learn to cope with hope, relief with belief and love to live’.

73. Countdown 6: A very, very Merry Christmas to ALL of you and I pray that your day will be cherished with the warmth of Happiness.

74. Our day is spent in the traditional unwrapping of gifts, followed by lunch promptly at 12:00 and listening to the Queen’s Speech at 3:00.

75. The Menu: Roast Turkey, sausages rolled in bacon, vegetables done in the oven, brussel sprouts on the stove, party snacks and salads.

76. Put aside your Resolutions, have a great day, enjoy it and I look forward to twitting you tomorrow.

77. Quote of the day: ‘In memory of the countless individuals that lived to make this day possible – I am indeed eternally grateful’

Keep a close eye for the final instalment in this series, because your life is as important as the precisionist turning of planets around their axis and their orbits.

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