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Patience Is The Core To Your Success
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I want to start by telling you a story about Success in a young man who thought of an idea at school during his metalwork class. His name was Robert and whilst tinkering with pieces of metal he thought what if he applied an electric current to a conical piece of metal will it get hot quickly. So the experiment started without permission and within a few minutes the conical piece of metal got quite hot.

Robert loved his Mum's cooking especially the rich sauces that accompanied her recipes. What Robert hated most though was when he came from school he often struggled to cut the bread and thought what if he could insert a piece of metal into the bread to create a pocket and then put the food into the pocket. He tried various pieces of metal but damaged the bread and got a scolding from his Mum.

Robert then realised at school whilst tinkering in his metalwork class if he inserted the bread into a hot piece of metal would it make a difference. He knew it was not hard to make the piece of metal hot because in his experiment at school passing a 12V electrical current to the conical piece of metal caused it to heat rapidly.

With permission this time Robert brought to his class a piece of bread from home and experimented by inserting a hot conical piece of metal into the bread and to his amazement he got the perfect pocket. He rushed home from school and put the previous night's leftovers into the pocket, warmed it in the microwave and got the perfect sandwich without dirtying his hands or cutting any bread.

For years Robert pondered on the idea of creating a sandwich to be available commercially selling a variety of fillings from curries to meatballs in a bolognese sauce. He talked to his parents, his peers and his friends and they all thought that it was a good idea. Robert's neighbour was a tool and die maker. Robert asked Mr. Simmons if he could make a prototype consisting of 5 metal cones driven by a 12v current. Robert felt that if his product is going to be a commercial success he would need to make at least 5 sandwiches all at once.

A month later Mr. Simmons called Robert to show him his first machinery of his future takeaway. It was simple, 5 metal cones mounted on a stainless steel table and driven by an electric current, each operated with a switch. The bread which Robert's Mum perfected was rectangular in shape, about 6 inches high and about 4 inches wide. It had a crusty shell with a nutty taste and was inserted into the heated cone thereby creating a pocket where a filling of your choice could be inserted. The sandwich was then placed in a brown bag lined with greaseproof paper to keep it warm. You could eat your sandwich whilst walking or standing or chatting.

Robert decided to call his sandwich, Pick a Pocket. It was just a prototype but Robert used his machine whenever people came over to his place to visit or at gatherings and school fetes. It was some years later that Robert decided to open a takeaway after being made redundant. He assessed the proposal with his wife, did his feasibility study and went for it. Sales were slow initially but Robert persevered and Pick a Pocket became popular in his local town. Today Robert has 9 takeaways in his County and sells a variety of 24 fillings. He earns a good living and now employs over 100 staff.

Why I told you this story today is because a lot of us stumble when failure meets us at the front door. We are very innovative but are not challenging enough to make things work at the worst of times and even at the best of times. Opportunities are there and opportunities are for the taking. When we have an idea we must bring it to the table. If that idea after assessment is unselfish and beneficial we need to study its viability. The industrial world has been constructed from the mental arithmetic of thinkers the world over. these aspirations were put on paper and studied to see if they can become commercially successful. It is not an overnight success story but rather a slow and redeeming one.

In Robert's case scenario he pondered on an idea since his days at school. He experimented and toyed with the idea and made use of it later on when things really mattered. What about you, do you have idea, a vision or a thought process like Robert? Is it shelved at the back of your subconscious mind? Robert had the endurance and stamina to recognise patience, the core to his personal success. Robert assessed his idea thoroughly before making it commercially available.

If you have an idea you need to be like Robert, patient and discerning. You need to assess your idea with patience, careful thought and experimentation. Whatever your idea maybe such as relishes, pickles, picture frames, toiletries, biscuits, cakes, tools, gym equipment or anything that you conjure in your mind you need the key to Robert's success and that is patience. Patience is Time and Time is a process where upon ideas manifest themselves. There maybe issues and if there are you need to start again. Please remember, patience is your core to success.

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