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Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock: The Ultimate Solution For Heavy Sleepres
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Yes, it’s easy to say but hard to do if you were born a “night owl” like I was.

My Mother would have to rip the covers off the bed to encourage me to get up and get ready for school.

However, you know, when there was an event like “Spring Fling”, or “Halloween”, and we got to dress I was up before the birds. So having a reason to get up early is an incentive to get up early.

Remember back when you were a kid, and you just wanted more daylight in your day? There was never enough time to do all the things you wanted to do during that day. And our parents yelled at us when we came home after dark. We were in inexhaustible.

Then we got older and Bam, we “had to” go to work.

That’s the catch word, “had to” instead of “want to”.

So maybe it’s just the mindset of people, when we are told we have to do something, we naturally want to reject it. When we want to, it’s our idea, our choice.

Therefore making the choice to get up early, it can make so much difference in your life. It’s a lifestyle modification and according to many medical authorities it can prevent some contributing causes of diseases like heart disease, blood clots and stroke. Many people may not know that your chance of heart attack, increases when you are sleeping more and moving less, the blood in our bodies tends to pool as we mature.

So, that’s another good reason to get up early, especially as we get older, okay, mature.

Even so, don’t go and shock your system by just deciding to get up early tomorrow. It’s best to take it slow. Plan to get up earlier, by increments, i.e. get up 5 to 10 minutes earlier each day, until you reach your goal. A heavy sleeper cannot become an early riser overnight.

A great idea that worked for a heavy sleeper like me, is purchasing a “Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock" . It's an alarm clock with a light that has gradual intensity of light built in to the alarm clock. And if you can get full spectrum lighting, that is a plus. It has the effect of sunlight, which is full spectrum. This effect of sunlight has been proven to help heavy sleepers to get up early easily.

There are so many benefits to get up early, your health and well being and making a lifestyle transformation to improve your outlook on life in overall. Getting more of the ”happy hormone” Serotonin which can lessen depression, and mood swings.

So, in conclusion, what do a heavy sleeper like you have to lose, nothing, and you will gain in heath, happiness, perspective and time in your day? Let's get up early, and cause a change in our own life.

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