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People Overcoming Obstacles
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Every day at any point in time, you can read peoples physiology like an grade school book. There shoulders are slouched, tensed, stern face, sad face, shallow breathing, all the sign that people are experiencing stress or some sort of un resourceful emotions. Why is that? It’s not hard to figure out that no matter how much money you have, or how happy you are at any given point, each and every person has certain stress in their lives that can literally affect their well being if they let it.

We all have at one time in our life experienced something first hand, saw, or heard of certain people overcoming obstacles that otherwise would be anyone else’s demise. I am here to tell you that no matter how hard your life may seem at this point in time, there is always other people overcoming obstacles when the chips are down. So I asked myself, what are the common themes and trends that all these people have in common. Whether you struggle with an addiction, feel stuck in a certain phase in your life, or want to make lasting change there is one key ingredient to making progress.

1.) You Must Know Your Outcome: Have you ever been in a situation that you have something you want to achieve or a specific result you want to happen and in your gut, deep inside you have 100 percent certainty that you will accomplish this? Certainly along with a real feeling of belief that you can truly overcome something will make a huge difference rather than hope or should do this. So first things first, people overcoming obstacles always know there outcome and you need to get clear of what your outcome will be.

2.) Have a Plan and Implement: Do not spend too much time making a plan but have some sort of plan. Too many people sit around waiting for that perfect workout plan to lose the extra 60lbs that now caused them to have type 2 diabetes and now there health is permanently affected for the rest of their life for the decisions they made in prior years. Once you have momentum it gets that much easier to see even greater progress. So second step is to have a plan or strategy and implement.

3.) Take Action and Build Momentum: The only way to make the largest impact on making lasting change happen quickly is to take action immediately. If you are not sure what workout to do, start off and go to the gym and do something because by taking action it is flipping a switch in your mind from a “should” to a “must” and it’s called momentum. Momentum and action along are strong factors to people overcoming obstacles.

4.) Evaluate and Recognize What Results You Are Getting: You can do all the following in which you have your outcome, make a plan, and take action, but if you do not evaluate your results and make the changes as neccessary to improve and hone your results to reach your final outcome then all the work before hand is much less ineffective. Without evauluating your results is similar to insanity. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If this article seems extremely basic to you, thats because it is but If you are reading up until this point then I congratulate you because you are doing what 95% percent of the population fails to when overcoming obstacles. these basic steps most people do and do not do conciously and even if they were just aware of it by reading an article such as this then I can guarantee they would see more progress quicker.

Lastly, although the message is simple, there is so much more to learn in personal development that would without a doubt change certain aspects of your life forever. People overcoming obstacles is a part of life that no matter how great things are now I can guarantee you that there will be a point in your life where you will have tremendous hill to climb in which you may or may not doubt you will overcome. Are you prepared? Are you the type of person that prepares now rather than reacts when its too late?

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