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Quotes Of The Modern Day
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I compiled this article to include most of the quotes that I created since the 8th of December 2011. When we read articles, quotes, passages, headlines, scripts or synopses we tend to forget even though we were captured by them initially.

The purpose of the article is to drive home the message each time you read it is that every successful person in this world will tell you that their success came from following instructions. Therefore this article is a set of Modern Day Quotes that I created almost a month ago. I want you to refer to it from time to time and with ease. Your success in life is important because without success you have no real happiness.

Happiness is the driving force that keeps you alive and well for a century. Happiness is the core to true human behaviour and Happiness is the hub of everlasting and endearing friendship.

Here are the quotes for your perusal and extrapolation:

  1. 'Love to live and live to Love'.
  2. 'With love passion and vigour shall I move on to meet 2012 face-on'.
  3. 'Exercise moderation and consideration in ALL that you do'.
  4. 'Money is the Pallbearer of ALL evil but yet it is a necessity that we cannot do without'.
  5. 'You heard of the saying try before you buy, now I say test before you commit'.
  6. 'Treasure every minute of your life from now on, guard it with all your might in the volumetric space that you occupy'.
  7. 'What is life without life itself?'
  8. 'One of the founding things in life is to create fondness in yourself and your abilities, it is your very own personal makeover.'
  9. 'To be good is the personal virtue of any human being. It generates an aura around you that is likeable and plausible.’
  10. ‘A Good Deed a day will keep the evildoer away’.
  11. ‘Never lose hope and never lose faith. Learn to cope with hope, relief with belief and love to live’.
  12. ‘In memory of the countless individuals that lived to make this Christmas Day possible – I am indeed eternally grateful’
  13. ‘Live to give, live to love and live to strive.’
  14. ‘All things great or small can be conquered with proper planning, correct eating, exercising, courage, passion, commitment and patience’.
  15. 'Passion is the seed of desire, the sapling of courage and the harvest of achievement'.
  16. ‘To commit to a resolution is to submit, admit, remit and emit passionately’.
  17. ‘Patience is the core to your success. It is something you can see, feel, touch and smell’
  18. ‘Time the temporal unit of patience cannot be altered, faltered or doubted, so let time takes its course. Be patient'.
  19. 'I want to create a bond of friendship around the world and to form a chain of Happiness amongst all'.
  20. 'Your destiny is Longevity, Your Target is Happiness, Your vision is of Love and Your portfolio will be that of Success'.
  21. ‘Let your cause takes it course without pause. Your cause is your principle belief and something that you unselfishly want to work towards’
  22. ‘Making a change for your own welfare and the common good is a serious commitment that requires skill, sacrifice and endurance.’
  23. ‘All manifestations in life occupy space and time. A goal or a resolution will occupy space and TIME too, and so will you.’
  24. ‘Managing your day requires constant appraisals and certainly not reprisals’.
  25. ‘Success comes with careful planning, daily action and long sought satisfaction’.

There you go dear friends, listed above for your referral, perusal and extrapolation, quotes of The Modern Day. Let me finish by saying Success is for ALL not just for a handful but the true secrets of success have been hidden for centuries as the GREEDY few kept techniques hidden, mystical and foraged!

To you success is not far away, to you success will come at a price though of effort over time like a simple mathematical equation.


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