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Successful Life Comes BY Thinking Right
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What do you really want to achieve that you have not yet achieved? What gives you fulfillment? What motivates you to want to live a successful life?How can you live the life you have always dreamt about?

You remember your old school mate you saw recently at the mall with his family and you saw him drove off in that car that you have always desired so much. How can you live this successful life?

You read an article somewhere about a young man who is living his dream and you wonder when will i start living the way i have always wanted to live?

You have heard many times that the way to happiness and true success and fulfilment is when you become self employed and you started a business which you have always thought about and five months down the line you have lost steam and you have no clue what you are doing again and you just felt as if you have wasted your life.

All the illustrations i have made above has one solution, what do you think about? What you think about is what you attract into your life. That is what this post is all about. How you can attract what you want, how you can attract your ideal life of success. How you can achieve your dreams.

Here are some steps you can take to achieve your ideal life:

1. Think thoughts of good, happiness, joy, goodness, fulfillment. Think of things that make you happy. Think of times in the past that you helped someone and the person was so grateful that you helped them. Think of righteous things. Think of what you would do when you achieve this life that you want. Think of that ideal life that you want.

2. Don't think any negative thoughts. Don't think any bad thoughts.

3. For example if you want to stop smoking, don't think of the pleasures you had when you smoked. Rather associate that pleasure with pain so that each time you think about doing it again, its the picture of the pain that will come to your mind and not the pleasure.

4. For you to live a successful by thinking right, you must persevere and be consistent with maintaining such good thoughts. Just like it is harder to build a house and it takes less time to bring it down, so also its going to take much effort to achieve this new life of success,BUT be encouraged if you don't give up you will get it.

5. Never never never give up. if you want a successful life then go for a life of success and don't stop until you get it.

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