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The Basic Self Development Plan
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The Basic Self Development Plan

If I were to tell you that over 98% of individuals who gross over a million dollars admitted that if there is any secret to making money, having a beautiful relationship, raising a wonderful family, or feeling experiencing the juice of life is personal development. Personal development is a very broad term that focuses on self awareness and identity, improving upon or developing talents, enhancing oneself and others through the realization of attaining aspirations and desires that most feel are unattainable. Believe it or not most of the information if not all of it is not a secret or groundbreaking revelation that nobody knows about. Truthfully it’s all organized common sense that almost everyone knows. So how come this is so hard to do. Why isn’t everyone rich? Why doesn’t everyone have the best relationship with their spouse or kids? How come everyone has such great aspirations to achieve something but they never fully pan out? I am going to give you five reasons in a metaphorical example so you can understand why it’s so important to get on the road of personal development and form your own self development plan even if things are going well for you!

1.) No Plan Equals No Specific Destination: Most people live their lives in their comfort level meaning its painful to get outside of your comfort level to achieve things beyond the norm. Would you get in a car and start driving if you didn’t know where you are going? Probably not and definitely not on a regular basis. Most people never have a set plan or goals, short terms and or long term. Any highly successful person will tell you that if you do not set goals and especially write them down its like getting on a ship with no rutter. You are at the mercy of the environment. So get clear and have a destination or vision.

2.) Have a Plan and Know The Directions: Now that you have a vision that you have a destination one must know how to get to that destination to the best of their ability or else you will be traveling aimlessly expecting an outcome or result far from what you dream. So get clear, and have a plan.

3.) DRIVE!!! Take Action and Implement: Tp physically get somewhere whether you are driving on a road or trying to acheive a specific goal you need to actually implement and take action. This is where most people fail because the easy part is the thought of achievening however the difficult part is actually doing the work and taking action.

4.) BUY A GPS Track Your Results and Make Adjustments: If you are focused enough to follow through to this point with a self development plan then you are the 10% of everyone who has picked up some sort of personal development material and is following through. Taking action isnt enough, you need to track your results because no road leads directly to the destination in a perfect straight path. Just like ships, their captain keeps a constant accessment on where the ship is going and as soon as he is aware that it may be heading off course, you make a correction similar to a Zig Zag.

So to go back to why everyone knows the information but cannot acghieve the results? Simple, they do not have a clear focus or goal, maybe a half hearted plan, and cannot commit to take the neccessary action to fulfilling the plan to see the desired outcome. Self development plans can be simply put, but if you really desire lasting change, and want to go beyond a tiny scratch of the surface such as this article then you need to go beyond this basic format of a self development plan and dive in because I can guarantee you will be blown away after discovering why you do the things you do and how you can really change your life from the inside out. You cannot control the external enviroment and the good news that the success of a self development plan doesnt rely on the external enviroment but everything to do with your inner game.

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