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I often pondered on a question put forward by the illustrious and legendary Bruce Lee and that question was,'Which muscle in your body is common to all your activities?'. In other words which muscle group in your body you would use at all times to do work.

Firstly let us define work. I best surmise the definition of work as the collective mental and physical attribute of someone to do something. With any form of work there is the expenditure of energy. So, in order to accomplish anything in life no matter how mundane it may well be there has to be a combination of a mental and physical contribution fuelled by energy.

Energy on the other hand comes from the foods you eat. Eat well, moderately and considerately and your body will have sufficient resources to execute any form of work that you will want to do. In any case our body is working all the time, whether you are doing work or not. There are cells that need renewing, there's digestion that needs to be carried out and there is your brain that is computing thoughts and processing it into a mental picture of understanding.

Let us look at our body and our mind from an analogical view by comparing our body and our mind to that of a car. Our body in this analogy could ideally be the car, our engine our digestive system and our mind the driver. the fuel of the car is provided by the inlet of petrol, diesel, gas, or possibly electric energy. This car, this analogical body is the perfect way to imagine ourselves. Why does the car become sluggish, stall, breakdown or become involved in a collision. A car is a device and will remain stagnant until we drive it. Driving this device will need a certain amount of responsibility and care. Our body too will remain stagnant unless we do something about it, it is our volume of space that we occupy and will need a certain amount of responsibility and care.

Doing something about our body is getting it into shape. How do we get a sluggish and unreliable car into shape is by an all round service, from head to tail. So, how is your common muscle group, the one that participates in all your activities, is it in good shape? By the way did you come close to knowing which muscle group we are talking about? Yes, it is the stomach muscles. the stomach muscle or your 6 pack should be in good shape if you want your body and your mind to execute your duties correctly and professionally for the day.

Your day is your existence. Ruin your day and you waste a day in your life. Your life is your business and therefore should be run like one. If you run a shabby business then you shall perish into the hall of failures. Get to know yourself by taking action right away. Get your 6 pack into shape and start seeing a difference. This difference may be slow to notice but the result will be noticed. So when you walk the plank of shame because you did not do too well, did you ask yourself, 'Was my 6 pack in shape?'. This is now your main objective in life, get your 6 pack into shape by making it a habit. Your stomach muscles is the founding step to a successful life on planet Earth. Get your 6 pack into shape right away!

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