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The World Is Your Oyster And The Pearl Is Your Treasure
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The Universe is opulent, the world is your oyster and the Pearl is your treasure. A lot of us spend relentless hours emulating others but very little time in achieving what we really want to do deep down. Have you been in a similar situation as I was on so many occasions where I was getting up each day doing something that I was unhappy about.

What is the definition of happiness? Is Happiness built on ones measure of wealth or is wealth built on ones Happiness. Happiness is not about wanting to be happy for the moment, for the occasion or for the event. Happiness is a state of mind of complete bliss, security and contentment. Happiness is serene, it does not carry unwanted baggage and neither does it make you feel uncomfortable. Happiness should yield pleasure, excitement and passion.

When you get up each day does the day seem opposing, challenging or perhaps frightening? Do you find that your family, friends or colleagues opposing? Do you find that your family, friends and colleagues challenging? Are you afraid to turn on the TV, or answer the door or phone? If this is your case scenario then you are not happy. At Universally Friendly we define Happiness as a cornerstone to all things possible. We define Happiness as the highest magnitude of achievement unravelling all other categories of human activities.

Happiness needs to profuse all areas of your life, from the start to the end, from birth to death, from primary schooling to secondary schooling, from courtship to marriage, from parenting to grand parenting, from employment to retirement, from holidays to mini-breaks and from youth to old age. At Universally Friendly we affirm that ALL humans have the right to live to 100 years of age.

During this time although we change anatomically we really are still the same. Happiness the aura of complete bliss is something that everyone should experience every single day of their lives. This is the pledge of Universally Friendly, to make friends all over the world and to make Happiness available to ALL. What is Happiness if only a few enjoy it. Happiness must become like water, pure, gentle, expansive, available, combing, refining, enriching, sustaining and liberal.

Where do you currently stand on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is perfect bliss? This should be your primary aim in life to aim for 10 each day of your life. When you achieve it share it, give it generously to others and watch it grow from a tiny sparkle to a gleaming aura. So, when you awake each day and the glimmer of light is no longer there find out what is obscuring that gleam, that ray of hope or the flicker at a distant. Start your day knowing that you spent yesterday clearing the obscurities of your life. In my opinion money makes all of us blind in our happiness.

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