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Types Of Intelligence And How To Improve All Of Them
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Types Of Intelligence And How to Improve All Of Them

Intelligence is one of the most important tools to succeed in the real world and many ways to develop or improve it are been studied; however, there are different types of intelligence; hence, it is important to learn the role they play in our daily life and how to improve the ones that we believe are weak to us.

Musical intelligence

Is the ability to distinguish tones, rhythms, timbres and pitches so that musicians, producers and composers can create amazing melodies for their audience. Music stimulates our brain by listen to it and increments creativity by increasing the number of neurons; therefore, just by picking up the type of music that we really enjoy we can actually train our brain and understand how to increase intelligence.

Intra-personal intelligence

Is the ability to understand ourselves and learn about our own feelings and thoughts. By knowing our weaknesses and strengths we can work them out and get the wanted result in each aspect of our life. Meditation is the main way to find out those points that need improvement. It has been suggested to practise meditation at least ten minutes every day, as meditation activates and modifies our subconscious helping us to make important changes in our life.

Interpersonal intelligence

Is the capacity to interact and communicate with others which includes understanding other people`s moods, temperaments and feelings. Once we are able to understand ourselves we are ready to understand the people that surround us. Usually teachers and actors are good at this type of intelligence. In this type of intelligence, meditation is also the clue to learn how to increase intelligence faster.

Naturalist intelligence

Is not only the capacity to distinguish between living things like animals or plants but also the ability to discriminate different characteristics of our surroundings. Often people with high natural intelligence enjoy having pets, learning about nature and like sports such are climbing, hiking and walking. In order to improve our natural intelligence we should become involve in the care of pets, we can also spend more time outdoors or maybe doing some other activities like gardening.

Linguistic intelligence

Is the ability to learn words and use them widely. This type of intelligence allows us to understand the real meaning of words and sentences so that we can apply them correctly later on. Reading and writing challenging literature is the best way to improve our linguistic intelligence.

Logical mathematical intelligence

Is the capacity to calculate, quantify and execute mathematical operations. This type of intelligence also helps us to find the connections between two different things as well as understanding abstract concepts. To improve logical mathematical intelligence we can do some specific exercises. For example, do math while you are driving, solve puzzles and avoid using your calculator.

Bodily - kinesthetic intelligence

Is the ability to move and manipulate objects while we use our physical skills. This type of intelligence also talks about our body balance and other details of movement. Some of the activities that can help us in how to increase intelligence are gardening, dancing, climbing and all those activities that to move about in a large physical space.

Spatial intelligence

Is the capacity to understand three-dimensional shapes and images and store them into the mind`s eye. People who have high spatial intelligence enjoy photography and are good map readers. Spatial intelligence could be improved by taking some photography classes, drawing and practicing reading maps.

Developing all these types of intelligence can bring many benefits to our life; we can develop strong problem solving skills, we can built on our strengths and of course apply how to increase intelligence.every time we can.

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