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What Do You Obsess Over?
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Many people obsess over something. They obsess over how they look, what they have, what they want, and where they want to be professionally, for example. People have different reasons for obsessing, of course. Some obsess because they want to fit in with their friends. Others obsess because they want to change something about themselves. Obsessing is both good and bad.

If a person obsesses over his weight, for example, he may take the dieting and working out to extremes, which can result in health problems or injuries. Rather than obsessing over his weight, a person should eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Health and appearance are not the only things that people obsess over, of course.

They may also obsess over having a clean house. This type of obsessing can be good, because people can stay healthier in a clean house. If the floor is swept and mopped and the furniture is dusted, for example, there will be less dirt and dust for the home's residents to inhale. They can then be healthy, rather than sick. The home will also look and smell better, which will make it a nice place to come home to at the end of the day.

Students may obsess over their grades. High school students may have dreams of getting into the Who's Who Among American High School Students or United States Achievement Academy publications., for example. They may also want to apply for prestigious scholarships. Students with this type of obsession may often stay up late, studying their textbooks and class notes in order to be at the top of their class. They may imagine a reporter interviewing them and taking their picture for a story that will appear in the local paper. This type of obsession can be good, because it pushes students to work hard. By working hard, they may be able to get into a good college, where they can prepare for their career.

Obsessing is good if it helps one to be a better person. It is not good if it results in worrying or wasted time. Obsessing over whether one has turned off the coffee maker or locked the door is pointless. There is no need to obsess over these things. Instead, check once to see that everything is alright. Once a person has seen that he did turn off the coffee maker and he did lock the door, he should then be able to put his worries out of his mind and go on with his day. He can then focus on his work. He might publish ten articles in a single day, for example, which will increase both is income and his online presence.

Rather than obsessing over something, a person should seek balance. Have a healthy weight, for example, rather than being to overweight or too thin. He should manage his time, rather than cramming a great deal of activity into a small amount of time. By balancing one's life, rather than obsessing, a person is more likely to be happy.

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