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What You Are Dreaming Might Matter More Than You Know
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What You Are Dreaming Might Matter More Than You Know

There are some people who put no stock at all in what they dream at night. They ignore the imagery that their subconscious mind churns up, missing important messages that is right there for the reading. They dismiss dream therapy as nothing more than new age quackery and mumbo jumbo. But, if they would pay more attention to what they are dreaming about at night, they might have a better time during the day. That is especially true of people who are have negative dreams or nightmares. Those, according to the experts, are the warning signs that are given to us by our mind, warning us to pay more attention to clues and signs that we are missing while we are awake.

According to Gayle Delaney, PhD and co-founder of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, our dreams, especially those that instill fear or deep emotions are the last ditch effort of the brain trying to get our attention- because we have missed other clues and signals while awake either because they were too subtle, or more commonly because we chose to ignore them. Delaney, considered by many to be a pioneer of modern dream therapy and analysis, cautions that fear dreams, especially those that are recurring or progressing should never be ignored, even if at first they make no sense.

There are some common, recurring dream themes that often come into these situations. For instance, dreaming of wild animals, like lions, tigers and bears, can potentially be the mind's way of expressing a possible threat. Figuring out what the animal is symbolic of is often enough to identify the threat. Criminals or shadowy figures might be the mind's way of calling attention to some unacknowledged problems that are faced during the day. If a criminal demands money, for instance, that might indicate that there is concerns about bills or the stability of the job. If the criminal or shadowy figure threatens bodily harm, it might indicate health issues that are going unchecked.

Another common theme for fear dreams is that of natural disasters. Those might indicate a feeling of being overwhelmed in life in any way. The natural disaster might change from dream to dream especially if they are not being heeded. Fear dreams will possibly escalate until their message has been received/. If you have been having dreams that are concerning, it is important to figure out what they mean and then to figure out how to eliminate the potential problems that are being warned about in those dreams.

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