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Why Leading Yourself Is An Essential Component Of The Law Of Success
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The Law of Success proves that leaders who can lead themselves above everything and everyone else have mastered their minds, their feelings, and their finances. Leaders are people, who are not only contemplative but also visionaries, and more importantly they are proactive. They take their ideas into actions that lead them to success, for others it means wealth building. This mindset is what guides them in every aspect of their lives. They inspire themselves with goals and do whatever it takes to make those come into fruition.

Here are some useful information about the Law of Success:

1. Hill uses several concepts of physics to explain the synergy between like-minded individuals who comprise the Master Mind. He wrote about frequencies, harmonics and vibration in ways that speak to the scientific mind.

2. Individuals must also become masters of their minds to succeed in life. Stated in another way, what the subconscious and conscious mind can conceive, the physical body can achieve.

3. Saving money is solely a matter of habit resulting from sheer determination and personal willpower. Hill uses the concept of slavery of debt to illustrate the dangers of living beyond one’s means.

4. With initiative comes leadership, both of which are necessary toward the attainment of personal success. Initiative is also a matter of habit wherein the individual follows his objective, aggressively and persistently when necessary, until it is achieved.

5. Daydreaming is important in the achievement of concrete actions and results. Imagination is the key toward mastery of all the other essential qualities of success (i.e., self-confidence, self-control and leadership).

Is the Law of Success still relevant today? Yes, it is. And to be able to live happily maintaining what they have gained from the law of success like maybe investments from years of wealth building, one must lead oneself because there is no other way. Nobody will be in-charge of one’s success but oneself. The Law of Success clearly illustrates this point. It not enough to dream but to dream and make it come true. It is not enough to act but to act towards the achievement of your goals. It is not enough to save but it is wiser to invest and if at all possible, be charitable especially to the marginalized members of the society. That is effective personal leadership and that’s key to the law of success.

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Good article. There's a lot to think about here. The concept of personal leadership is one I will think about.

  about 1 decade ago
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