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Women And Their 'mask'
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Sometimes you can find yourself standing in front of very powerful men and you find yourself helpless, and then you will start thinking of how to deal with those men. The most important thing is to learn how to become a proper woman. I still remember of how I used to think when I was just a little girl, thinking that all that I need to become a woman is to just take my time to grow up and I remember of how my mama was listening to me, blabbering all day long about how I wish I would be ‘the perfect one’. The one that all men would dream about, adore and never want even to think about leaving her.

Then, one day, mama told me that there will always be things that I won’t be able to understand, that indeed I will need time to learn all about ‘how to become an adult’ and at the same time she used to tell me that I’m still young to understand a few things, but because I’m a smart girl I will pick up the game while playing. In a way she was right. I did picked it all up while playing, but I wish life itself would have come with a proper manual, to teach you when you need to stop or when you need to reverse, or when you need to back off and so many other such examples. But, if such a manual would exist, then what fun would be there? How would I be able to ‘man up’? How would have I been able to reach today’s level of thinking? And even better … would I have still been the same? Categorically not!

Today, I’m ‘old enough’ to understand properly and teach others how to deal with ‘the mask’. You might ask yourself what is ‘the mask’ and why I call it this way. Well my dears, the mask is, what classic women call it and it’s the expression that you ‘wear’ when you don’t want to let people see what you are feeling.

All well brought up women of today’s society are able to hide their emotions and it’s mostly useful when women have to deal with men. Why is that? Well, if a man knows what you’re thinking, it gives him enough amount of power that he needs to have over you.

A wise hurt woman that is wearing her mask will think that if a man knows how much you love him, he will take you for granted. He will hurt you carelessly, cruelly and constantly. Women are always more emotional and no matter how much they will tell themselves that from this time on they will do something about it, they simply end up melting in front of their men all over again and again. They tell them how much they love them, and what men do with them? Some … mess it all up and most of them don’t even realize what they have done until they see the mess that’s been left behind afterwards.

Spending a lot of time with the man you love, you end up learning his weaknesses the most out of all the other things. When you want a marriage to work out, after being hurt too many times in a row, you remember about the mask and you start to wear it.

Most of such women that go throw this end up baking their husband’s favorite pie for example. The woman does this to distract her husband from seeing her sadness. All you need to mask your fear and sadness is to just put on your face a hint of a smile, and with an expression like that no one will ever know what you are really thinking about, and in that way, ‘ you will have power of men’. But in the same time you need to learn that it’s not always about winning. You have to learn how to lose as well, so that next time when you’ll be playing the game of life, you will be able to win vehemently.

I’m not saying that you should lie and especially in a relationship/friendship, but try to pose as an open book, yet be reserved. Silence is most of the time the key to success.

But, you should be careful not to misuse this mask, because your man will end up noticing it and he will always be able to tell when you will put on your ‘plastic face’ to be able to mask your true feelings. And when you are sure that the man next to you is the right one, you should trust him, respect him and have faith in him and never feel fear of sharing all your thoughts and emotions with him, because he will be the man that you will end up spending the rest of your life with and you will need him desperately at a point or another in your life. You will feel the urge to be sincere, and it better not be too late.

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Nice article! I really loved reading it! Masks are good, as long as we do not wear them all the time, since we might end up forgetting about who we truly are.

  about 9 years ago

Thank you for your compliment! And I totally agree with what you have said above! Looking forward to reading your articles as well! Have a great day ahead!

  about 9 years ago
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