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Your Official Guide To 2012 - Part 1
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Dear Friends, welcome to something unique. Welcome to a daily guide that will set you free from the bondages of hardship and difficulties. Welcome to your personal and official Guide to 2012. As we countdown to 2013 we will work together knowing that we will reach it safely and purposefully. I mentioned in my previous article that the world is our oyster and that the pearl is our treasure, well this is indeed true.

All human beings from all corners of the world where a population consensus is reaching 7 billion very soon, in fact in 66 days at the time of writing this article, are fundamentally the same. Yes, we are ALL fundamentally the same but we still hang on to old concepts of colour, creed, culture, wealth and status. Demographically speaking, we do indeed differ when we say that we are from say Zaire, or perhaps Malta or Haiti. Our culture is something that we always will have but you may notice too that has time moves on our culture changes too.

This is definitely true, but anatomically we are the same with a clear distinction in our goals. A lot of us do not place emphasis on goal setting and this is usually the main flaw to our real success and happiness. This article made up of 52 parts will be your personal guide to making real goals happen every time providing that they are unselfish.

I also would like to thank you sincerely for finding the time in your heart to read each article for this is good. Anything good is a constant flow upstream to the valley of real and profound happiness. This is the inner bowel of perfect bliss, eternal life, cleansing spirits and endless rectitude. This is the valley of Magical Happiness that awaits you, patiently.

We shall now begin our epic 52 part - Your official Guide to 2012.

1. I want to start 2012 knowing that you are following a set of ethical rules to make your dreams come true each day. This is my solemn pledge!

2. As you chip the pieces of solid rock to form the sculptor of your intent I will be there each day guiding you to ensure that you reach 2013 safely.

3. This is my solemn promise. I will make free Newsletters, Books, Webinars, Summits and Tweets available throughout 2012 to guide you along the dusty trial of financial achievements.

4. You will have my email address for a personal response if needed and you must view my sites for constant updates, communication from other Universal Friends and to express unselfishly your opinions.

5. Your destiny is Longevity, Your Target is Happiness, Your vision is of Love and Your portfolio will be that of Success.

6. A tall order you may well say but to any idea there is always a miniscule start, but through research and courage your idea will blossom into the world we see.

7. Quote: ‘I want to start a chain of friendship around the world and to form a bond of Universal Friendship and Happiness’

I conclude this first part with love and warm wishes as you instil the right vision of your intent this year. Last year when you followed me on Twitter we worked together to establish New Years Resolutions that you will want to keep, this is the aperture of your true self as you make the daily journey to see 2012 in a better light.

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