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Your Official Guide To 2012 - Part 4
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Welcome Dear Friends as a new week begins drawing the eventual close of January 2012. We shall not see January 2012 again, with deep regret but what is left behind is what we made of January 2012.

There has been some sad news in the month of January like the wreck of the Cruise Ship, Costa Concordia where sadly 15 people to date have died. The bombing in Nigeria, where over 160 people died. This is just a glimpse of the sadness of life. Life is about living and living for a full duration of 100 years.

We need to exercise patience in all we do and to be exuberant in all that we want to do. We need to exercise love by giving love generously and appreciating love when we receive it. I pray that the start of your New Year has been exciting and filled with hope. Part 4 of your Official Guide to 2012 now follows:

Always start your day knowing that you will make a start to a new you, a new future and a new management of your TIME on Earth.Your fuel to success is to LOVE. Love everything that you do, think, say, see or observe. This is your energy stream that will awake you each day.

What would you say is your greatest obstacle in life? Think about this very carefully? Write it down but promise you won’t read the next tweet. Now, is your answer MONEY. I say this with experience because MONEY is indeed our greatest enemy, obstacle, inhibitor and source of misery. Money flanks the corridors of the Rich and Famous and they wear it with zest, comfort and at the expense of others.

Through Universally Friendly I want to show you ways to unselfishly generate MONEY. We need to live fairly but do we give by sharing and caring. This is the principle motto of Universally Friendly, to care, to share and to remain fair. This is the tuned frequency of collaborated efforts.

Every human being has the right to live equally and has the right to live onto to 100 years on planet Earth.If this is true then why it cannot be? It cannot be because we are unscrupulously greedy! We are not in tune with the Universe. The frequency of combined collaboration is to share, care and remain fair. Having a big home or a red car is just a personal choice. The Universe is opulent and will cater for ALL. Your home maybe different and you may have a red car or possibly more money than others. However no one should be without any. The Universe caters for ALL, every single one of us, from ALL corners of the world.

What is your financial status today? Do you live on the brim of your income tallying the figures daily to make ends meet. Do you live financially secure, above the rest and for yourself and not for others too? Do you live in poverty, unemployed, retrenched, stressed and a life of financial misery? What is your financial status right this very minute? Write this down and be honest with yourself? What will your financial situation be in a year’s time or in a decade? Have you taken into account external factors such as retrenchment or recessions? This calculated prose to your life is essential!

In order to extend your capabilities you need to instil passion within you. Passion is like the anomalous behaviour of water. Water travels amongst all obstacles and where there is a change it makes a change. Water changes from ice, to liquid, to steam, to fog, to mist, to dew, to vapour, to condensation, to snow, to icicles, to frost, by combining and shaping. Be like water, let your passion meet any obstacle and change accordingly. I want to give you opportunities to make changes when needed.

You answered the question openly about your financial status. I want to give you alternatives to strengthen your finances and eliminate stress. I want you to know that Universally Friendly is your alternative if needed to help determine your true capabilities, increase your passion and release the desire to become successful in life.

Do continue to read 'Your Official Guide to 2012' and make 2012 your year of change. With love and warmth, take care - Anthony

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