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Backlinks For Websites - A Super Easy Technique On How To Get Backlinks For Websites And Avoid Panda Update Slaps
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Worried about the recent changes in Google with their new Google Panda update and don't know if it is a good idea to get backlinks for websites you own? If you're concerned about backlinking and how the new Panda update will affect you then you need to read this important info.

Getting quality backlinks for websites you own is still possible and very attainable. What you need to do is find a protect network to that can shield your backlinks content from getting hit by the Panda update.

What is the Google Panda update?

The Panda update is another algorithm change that improves the search quality and mainly affects content farms and spam sites. Many well-known article directories have been slapped as content farms which has dramatically effected many authors and more importantly the ranking of the articles posted to these sites. Sadly many people have seen their once popular article fall off rankings all together with little hope of getting it back to a more prominent place.

So how can you avoid the Panda update slap while getting backlinks for websites that are of high quality? As mentioned above, finding a closed network is the first place you are going to want to look. The main problem that many of the free article directories are having now is that there are too many people and too many articles that need to be reviewed for spamming or duplication. Since many of these directories are unable to keep up with the demand the quality of content being posted is having a direct effect on other authors.

A good tip for getting backlinks for websites is to find quality sources that can offer some sort of protection for you content. The saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket" does hold true when it comes to getting backlinks for your websites. Branch out and spread your content out on different websites, directories, blogs and forums. This will offer a more diverse linking structure to your website, blog or article.

Hopefully your content is protected from algorithm changes but if it is not then you might want to look at some ways to start protecting it. Linking services are a good place to look if you have some extra cash to spend. If you do go this route make sure you research a few services to insure you are getting the most for you time and money. Find out as much info as you can about getting backlinks for websites as possible so you that you can get the greatest return on your effort.

Thanks for reading.

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