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Google Panda Update – Brief, Its Requirement And Way Out
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Search Engine Optimization is going through a paradigm shift. In the history of SEO, the industry has not witnessed so many Google algorithm updates as it is witnessing at present. Algorithm change and refreshes have been given interesting names too such as Panda and Penguin update. In this article we will discuss about Google Update only and not about Penguin.

When the question of SEO comes, can web design be far behind? In fact, web designing, structure of the site, and other aspects come within the search engine optimization paradigm. Now, let us discuss the topic of Google Panda update as well as the consequences.

The first Google Panda update took place in the month of February, 2011, whose effect was felt in the month of April 2011. It was the first such shock wave of its stature for the search engine optimizing world. This was essentially done to pull down the low quality websites from high rank in the Google Search Results Pages. After the first panda hit, it was found that the social networking as well as the news websites rose in ranking.

However, the sites having large number of advertisements were pulled down in ranking.

Now, you may ask – Why is Google doing such mayhem in the peaceful SE market? The only reason behind it is to help Google users get better and high quality results in the first few SERPs. As a search engine optimizer, how would you know the mindset of Google’s engineering team? To simplify the process, Google has given 23 points of building a high quality website in its blog.

With the subsequent Panda algorithm updates and refreshes, Google has walked long miles and has reached a place where it can say that the results shown at the top of the SERPs are of high quality. There are many sites that were affected by these updates. In fact, after the first ever panda update, around 12% of the total searches in the Google was adversely affected. In fact, many more Panda updates were released after the first one, which led to many more casualties. Now, the question comes – How to get out of this hit?

As algorithm of Google can never be known but can only be judged by the search engine optimizers on the basis of their experiences and experiments. According to the experts, after this update the environment of search engine optimization has become stricter. That’s why they prescribe their clients to optimize their sites as per the Google Webmaster Guidelines and strictly follow the recommendations.

Here are some of the points that should be followed by a SEO and web design company while optimizing a site:

1. Duplicate content in a site, if any, should be got rid of immediately.

2. Robots.txt should be placed in such pages immediately, so that they don’t get crawled by Google bot and consequently don’t get the chance to penalize your site. After putting robot.txt, you should change the page with fresh and unique content, followed by removal of the robot.txt file from the page. This will help the bot to read the concerned page and consequently give higher rank to the concerned page or site.

3. Try to find out the pages that were affected, with the help of tools like Google Analytic. Once you know the affected pages, rework them and restore acceptability.

4. Which are the sites from which you have received links? Are they good quality ones? If not, get rid of them. Build good links only.

A seo, Web Design and Web Development Company should keep these aspects in mind if it wants to make its clients remain unaffected by Google Panda update and consequent refreshes.

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