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How Hard Is Seo?
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"SEO" is an abbreviation for "Search Engine Optimization". It's a term that refers to how website developers organize their websites in order to improve the site's rankings on search engines such as Google. How hard is it to learn SEO? What is "Good SEO?

Having "Good SEO" means having your site rank as close to #1 as possible: top spot on the front page of Google. The reason why you hear so much about SEO, is that, when done correctly, you can capture the traffic that comes to that page on Google. Most people who search on Google for a certain topic, tend to click on the first (top) spot to find out what they wanted to know. Only about one half continue on to click on the second spot, less for the third spot, etc. Google knows this, and so they are always looking for the "best" candidate for those top spots. Often the candidates flip around day to day, even hour to hour, as Google changes it's mid about which is better.

How SEO works is not an exact science. Many people who say they know SEO are going off what they heard, or their own past experiences. Google, of course, is not going to release their "formula”, to them it's super-secret and they tweak it all the time. However, there are things we do know, through trial and error, that SEO is based on. Some of these things are: How often the site is visited, how long do people stay per visit, relevant content, related keywords, keyword density, etc. Good SEO involves the placement of keywords in the URL, the title, and in the content. Links to and from the site also count big in SEO.

So now that you have a little taste for what is involved in setting a site up for good SEO, you just need to learn more on the topic. Once you round out your knowledge of SEO, you will be able to set up your own website, blog, or whatever, and have a good chance that you will see it on the front page of Google! (What a rush!) If you are a business owner, you will then begin to see loads of free traffic beginning to come to see your website.

Free traffic is the best! For those business owners who have been paying out $100's or even $1000's in advertising in order to see just a few visitors, the idea that you can start seeing 100's or even 1000's of visitors come to you every day, for free! It's an amazing thing.

Worth looking into?

I should think so.

Like anything, look for a teacher, or a course, or a program that you can understand: one that breaks things down into small bites. Hopefully, you can find one that incorporates the written word, audio and video, so you can be led by the hand while you are learning. Find one that has a lot of resources to help you learn: a place where you can ask questions without being made to feel silly.

SEO isn't hard, it just sounds hard. Too many people just don't bother to learn it because they think they can't. Just look around, find the teachers that "click" with you, and start learning.

Just imagine: sitting at your computer, typing in a few keywords, and seeing your business at the top of the first page!

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