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How To Properly Use Meta Tags On Your Website
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How To Properly Use Meta Tags On Your Website

I read a post in the Wealthy Affiliate forum the other day where somebody said that using keyword and description meta tags were irrelevant when it comes to SEO for your site. For someone not familiar with what search engine optimization really is, they would probably follow this advice and never know the difference from what I'm about to tell you.

Are Meta Tags Still Important To Use?

In my opinion, yes it is important to use meta tags, especially the description tag. Now some people do not agree with this and will tell you that the Google no longer rely on the keyword and description tags as a rank factor for your site. This may be true, but there are still other search engines that do use them.

The one problem that I see quite often with websites is the misuse of the keyword meta tag function and the webmaster will stuff a bunch of keywords they want to rank for without even having those terms on their site. Basically you want to keep it relevant to what's on your site, because search engines want people to find what they're looking on the first try.

How To Use The Title Tag

The title meta tag for each page is one of the more important factors in how the algorithm ranks your site. This tag should be relevant to what your web page is about and should also be unique. The ultimate goal of the title is to get the attention of a visitor and to entice them to go to your website.

You should limit this to 70 characters or any more can be cut off by the search engines. Best practices suggest that you should use you main keyword in the beginning of your title.

How To Use Description Tags

The description meta tag is essentially a teaser for your website which is shown below your title when displayed on the search engine results page. I recommend for this be informative enough to let users know what the page is about, but don't give them so much that there is no need for them to look at your site either. You want to lead people into your site by giving them a piece of the answer they're seeking.

This tag should be limited to 140 characters.

How To Use Keyword Tag

Although these are obsolete to some search engines, there are still other ones out there that still do rely on reading the keyword meta tags on your website. The key is to make these relevent to each page of your site. If you have a site about restaurant equipment, your meta tags should be related to restaurant equipment and not food service or restaurant service.

I learned these techniques from being a member at the Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) along with many other things. If you need a place to learn about internet marketing there are many options to choose from on the internet, just do the proper research and the rest will find you.

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