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Low Competition Keywords Give You More Bang For The Buck
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Low Competition Keywords Give You More Bang for the Buck

No matter what you are doing to make money on-line, the use of low competition keywords can give you bigger and better results. The less competition you have to contend with when trying to make your mark on-line will ultimately get you better long-term results.

Sure, anyone who is attempting to promote their blog, website, ads or articles on-line wants nothing but high-ranking results. It’s exciting to find a keyword in your niche with hundreds of searches per month and the promise of tons of traffic. In reality, if you go for the home run, so to speak, you will probably be setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you are entering a highly competitive niche to begin with, you may think you should find some strong keywords with tons of searches. You can almost spend the money you are sure it will be easy to make with all that traffic.

However, the better approach is to take a long-tail keyword with much less competition and focus your marketing efforts there.

If you have a strong keyword research tool that gives you a lot of search results and alternate search terms, opt instead to choose keywords that are a little less spectacular. By taking a less traveled road, you can actually rank well in Google. Even low competition keywords with searches of about 100 or so per month can do surprisingly well.

If you write articles, blog posts or pay for advertising on several of these low competition keywords, you can rank well for many, if not all of them.

In this way, you'll be going for many base hits versus the home run. A home run is nice, but chances of you getting a lot of them are unlikely. A disappointed marketer gives up and decides that this internet business just doesn't work.

By taking an approach of getting a bit of traffic from many different low competition keywords, your odds of success increase dramatically. If you can get traffic from many different keywords and add it up, you will have, inadvertently, scored that home run after all.

Low Hanging Fruit Research

By using long-tail keywords, or performing what is known as low hanging fruit research, you can try your hand at more competitive niches, such as “internet marketing” or “making money on-line.” It should be noted that because of the extreme competition in almost any internet marketing niche, it might not be the niche for a newbie to begin with.

The other benefit of practicing low hanging fruit research is that the traffic you do get should be more targeted, and possibly, the people searching will be more willing to read through your offer and make a purchase.

One of the key ingredients for a successful low hanging fruit research campaign is to think outside of the box. Drill down deep to stand apart from what the masses are doing. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, and really think about all kinds of different angles or reasons why people would be searching for your information.

To use the “make money on-line” niche as an example, think about as many different reasons as possible as to why someone would want to make money on-line. Think of any and all the many possible reasons why they would be looking for this information. Are they saving for a child's college fund? Do they want to retire by age 50? Are they looking to turn a hobby into a part-time job?

When you are using your keyword research tool, take a look at all of the alternative search terms available and check them out. Remember to look at other terms such as “earning a living” instead of “make money.”

Spend your time thinking ahead in terms of all the different people who would need your product or service, all the possible reasons why they would want the information and who would benefit by reading your article, blog or website.

Google Keyword Competition

Use the many resources from Google, as well, to help you find those low competition keywords. You can use forums, Google's Contextual Tool, Google Suggest or Keyword Map (KWMap). Any of these tools, and many more like them, are available for getting a handle on Google keyword competition.

By spreading your work throughout low competition keywords, you will likely have just as much, if not more, traffic than by trying for the home run with a super-saturated, competitive keyword.

By doing some low hanging fruit research, you will pay less for advertising, should do well with natural, organic search results and see a lot more success with your on-line ventures.

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Thanks Patricia for the new information...I love to read your articles...

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you! I can say the same right back to you. I LOVE your series : )

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Patricia...Great article, I like to target long tail keywords too.

  about 1 decade ago

Seems to make our jobs a bit easier : )

  about 1 decade ago
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