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Most Business Don’t Utilize Their Websites
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Most Business Don’t Utilize their Websites

It’s amazing how people have businesses don’t utilize the website’s they have. Yes they might have nice website but if, don’t have it ranked for a single keyword.

One day when I took my daughter to take pictures I ask the photographer was his website rank for any keywords in Google’s first page. He didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

When I got to my laptop and did a seo analyze of his website and domain name, I could see

the domain name was 16 years old and ranked 0, that was a crying shame.The website structured was all wrong there was no seo optimization to the website.

Computers are easy to use

Most business owners think computers are complicated so they don’t take the time to learn about the wonderful advertising power of the internet, Instead they rather pay a lot of money to advertise in the yellow pages.

The yellow pages are ok if you want your business next to a lot of competition.

When a business advertise on the Internet there is far less competition and a lot more people looking at your ad, because the use of smart devices, laptops, or tablets greatly use to look up information,

The Busy Business person

Business owners might feel like they don't have time to work on their website. If they just take an 1/2 hour out their busy schedule they'll achieve rankings and get free targeted visitors.

Their good marketing community's that can help people new to the Internet world. These's community's come equipped with training videos and live chat sessions with experts to walk you though ranking your website.

Slash the overhead

A big overhead can take the profit right out a business and just kill the business. These are some overhead cost that can eliminated by having a ranked website.

  • billboard ads
  • Sales people
  • Newspaper ads
  • T.v commercial ads
  • Yellow book ads

A well ranked website can save you from spending a lot of money on advertising.

That's why it's important to take sometime to work on ranking your website, even if you hire the right person to rank your website it will still save you money a ton of on overhead.

It'll be valuable to take advantage of affiliate marketing community's that are out there. It'll be easy to rank your website if you use help.

When you get your website up and running right, you will start to see new business and receive more clicks. If you have a website please put it to use, it will do wonders for your business.

If you have any questions leave an comment.

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