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On - Site Web Optimization Revisited
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On  -  site Web Optimization Revisited


This article presents fundamental strategies for on-site optimization and it will also direct you to some of the best free tools and resources available on the internet today. If you follow the suggestions provided in the article you should achieve a high score on Woorank, one of the leading evaluation tools. There is far more to optimization than scoring points with online evaluation tools but if you are struggling to optimize your website the Woorank tool will give you vital clues as to why this is happening. Also it is no coincidence that some of the most important websites on the internet have achieved scores of 70 points on this point system, so I believe it to be a good yardstick for any webmaster to use.

This article is suitable for those just beginning search engine optimization and it will show you how to evaluate results and find more improvements.

What search engines do

In order to optimize a website it has to work well with the search engines that scour its content and index its pages. Search engines use spiders and robots to trawl the internet, they look for keywords and classifying content as well as indexing pages, documents, files, news, video and media. If search engines cannot pick up the correct keywords on your website and insert them into their databases, you will not rank with your competitors or enjoy the opportunities provided via search.

Search engines also query their indexes for lists of relevant pages and through the retrieval of ranking search engines provide answers to user search queries. Search engines return results by finding web pages with matching keywords and they rank results according to importance. Dozens of factors can affect page's importance such as anchor text in links and exact keyword matching, as well as many off-page factors.

On-site Planning

Keyword selection is at the heart of on-site optimization therefore your strategy must begin with a thorough analysis of keywords. Before you begin a campaign be very clear about your goals and do make time to fully research keywords and their impacts. In this way you can understand your niche much better and choose keywords accordingly.

Competitor analysis

Looking at competitors is probably the best way to start identifying keywords. Only study the most popular websites according to Google search and ask yourself:

• What keywords do my competitors use and to what effect?

• How did they optimize these keywords?

• What meta data and title tags are my competitors using?

• What URL extension did they choose?

• Who else are they linking to?

A very fast way to put your competitors under the microscope is to generate a report using a web analysis site. They provide useful statistics about your competition and the keywords they are using most.

Keyword plan

There are several online tools that can help you identify popular keywords such as Google Adwords and the keyword suggestion tools of which there are many available on the web.

Write down your keyword list - no longer than 5 or 6 keywords.

• One

• Two

• Three

• Four

• Five

Eight content selections for search engine optimization

To optimize your web pages you will need to find ways to place your chosen keywords strategically into your website. Here we show the eight most important considerations for strategically placing your keywords.

1. Web domain – The actual address of your website (place keywords here if possible)

Please note that your company name does not need to match the web domain. For example, Place Overseas a leading provider of property in Turkey uses the web domain Turkey Property For Sale as this name and address guarantees them a much higher ranking on Google.

If you can’t make the web domain match your keywords then use friendly page titles.

2. Meta tags

The meta data description used to describe your website is perhaps the most important tagging. Keep it to no more than 2 sentences. There is some debate about the importance to meta keywords, I still use them but again not more than five words. There may be some pages in your website that you don’t want the search engine to index, you can use the meta tag robot no index command to achieve this.

3. Page title

Try to use keywords in your page title whenever possible. Also remember to repeat those same keywords throughout the page in order to achieve keyword density.

4. The first paragraph of text

Google ranks text that’s high on your page, for this reason many people now use text based banners to list their keywords right at the start of the page.

5. H1, H2 tags – Keyword your paragraph headings, table headings, list headings and style them with H1 and H2 tags to make them jump out at the search engines.

6. Body text – The rest of the page. You can make the words stronger by putting them in bold as well.

7. Image titles and tags, video titles, file names

Use keywords in image titles and also in the ALT tags used to describe the pictures. Remember to compress image sizes as much as you can since download speed is one of Google’s measurements and it will influence search.

8. Anchor text

Anchor text, the text used to link to other content is valued higher than from alt attributes in image links. For more information on the relevancy of links visit the seomoz website.

Final Testing

As soon as you implement the on-site strategy it is vital to test how effective it was and make changes where needed.

Ensure your code is clean.

Use the w3 code checker to weed out any problems in the code and check that you really achieved your goals. It is useful to run a keyword density check on your top two keywords, just to double check our keyword usage and frequency.

Obtain a score

The woorank analysis tool is an acid test on how well you have managed to optimize your website. It provides a thorough report on every aspect of your keyword and strategy. The final report will give you key statistics and suggestions for improving every aspect of your keyword campaign, including the following:

Overall score: In the top right corner you will be assigned a score out of 100. Ideally you will want this score to be higher than 60 points.

Code errors: If you have over 20 errors it is worth delving into them, the w3 code checker can be used to drill down to where the problems are line by line on your web pages.

Priorities for your website: On any website there is always room for improvement and the report will provide useful suggestions on what to do next.


Finally, I cannot end the article without mentioning that you should sign up and verify your website with Google and use the webmaster tools available. Keep monthly reports on Google to measure fluctuations and spot long term trends in your website.


With the correct keyword strategy in place you can begin to influence Google search and improve your web presence across all the engines just from changing the content on your own website. When you have chosen the best keywords for your niche use the eight content selections to get the best results.With the correct keyword selections, meta-data and strategy in place you will begin to raise the profile of your site. A good Woorank score is a strong indicator that your campaign is working, The tool will look at the quality of code, the eight content selections mentioned in the article and a host of other factors that influence search. The process of achieving a high ranking does take time so frequently monitor your progress.

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