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SEO Keyword Tracking
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SEO Keyword Tracking

Keywords and keyword phrases are used by Internet users to find relevant content on the Internet. They may not know they are keywords, they usually don't, but the search engines gathers up the terms that users put into the search engine search boxes and call them keywords or keyword phrases. They not only list these words and phrases but they keep track of how often they are used. They also keep track of links in and out of websites. A link to a site might be a blog post, an article or another site. Since the search engines are tracking keywords, we are very interested in SEO keyword tracking so that we can optimize our websites. Why do we want to bother to do this? Because we want traffic to our sites so we can make our dent into the Internet World.

The search engines spy on us, digging up information on our sites. The nosy pest check on the content of our pages. They want to know what is there. They look at the title of a page and check the title keywords in the text of the page. If they word comes up not too often or too sparsely, the search engine decides the information is relevant to the keyword search. It ranks the site. It puts it on the first page of the search results if it is good. If it is "crap," it puts it in the garbage can or so far down the search listing that nobody will ever see it. That means we need to pick very good keywords for the title of our page. It also means that the keyword or phrase is in the domain name. So before we do any SEO keyword tracking, we find the right keywords by checking the Internet for the the keywords simply by searching the keyword and seeing what sites pop up. Then we can use a keyword tool and check how many competing sites there are, how much traffic to expect, and how many times a month a keyword is used. The tool might check available domain names and affiliate programs.

Now there are keyword tool that do this and those that do that. You can always start with the free tool provided by Google called the External keyword tool. Many keyword tools are based on the Google tool.

O.K. We have a site up and running. We used graphics and video to make the search engines happy. We certainly have relevant content and we have links from quality sites into our web page and the links out go to more relevant information. Now we can use software and service sites to give us SEO keyword tracking. We can learn one heck of a lot just by going to YouTube and watching videos. Some are better than others but they in general are informative and will point you on your way to see what is going on with your keywords so that you can do the one main think you want to do with SEO keyword tracking, get your site listed on the first page of the search engine listings. Can you make it to Number One? I think you can. I did it for one of my articles just by choosing a good title for the article.

I like to have folks click on my links when I write an article. If I see the rare site where one of my articles is getting clicks, I check its ranking. There is a great correlation to ranking, which is what this is all about. I used a special keyword tool to find the title for this article. It works. The are more important things to know about SEO keyword tracking. Things are always changing and it is important that we keep ourselves up to date.

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