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Seo Tips And Tricks To Promote Website - White Hat Way
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Seo Tips And Tricks to Promote Website   -   White Hat Way

I first started in the traffic game, I was a hog for all seo information, I would read every thing I get my hands on.

One day I came upon an article about white hat and black hat techniques, after reading the content, a white hat angle popped up on my right shoulder , than a black hat devil popped up on my left shoulder.

What a dilemma! So being the researcher I am, I tested both, after the test I decided to go with white hat for my online adventures. I will share with you my research.

The Black Hat Way

I started searching for information about black hat, in the black hat forums, as I got entrench with the forums intoxicating promises of receiving thousands of back links, huge email list, software that submit articles to 1000s of directories.

So my thoughts were, if I can have one of these service's submit my articles to the many of 1000s of directories, yes that sound good, but imagine you write one article and it get sent out a many times the same content.

That content won't have no uniqueness, how will Google take you serious, yes you will get visitors, but not targeted traffic.

  • Gateway pages
  • These are fetishes webpage are pack with super highly optimized for a couple of keywords that tied to a landing page, the users on the other side don't see the fake page, but Google might see it and hammer you.
  • bait and switch
  • This move is when you have a web page get ranked, because you found a good keyword that can to the top Google pages easy, then the website get swapped out for another.

The White Hat Way

This is when you copy content from another site and copy it to yours, that is a way to get traffic and a way not to get your site index.

Yes them way can get you traffic and ranked, but at what cost? Will your website survive the next Google upgrade,one minute your ranking is up the next it's down. I don't know about you, I would like to keep first page status for years to come.

I believe I obtain by going the white hat route. Here are some methods that will keep you in good standings with Google.

  • Content is the lion in the jungle
  • The content have to be original, write an article yourself, it's not good to use spent articles. It is better to ramble anything, then use old spent articles. Have you ever came across an article that did make sense?
  • Find a good article directory like "street article" and submit your content, don't forget to link your website to it, and watch the traffic flow.
  • Participate in a forums of you niche
  • This method will positively bring much needed traffic, thousands of people have questions , you may just have the answers , plus the opportunity to met buying customer.

When you do seo the white hat way your traffic will be unique and organic, that type of traffic will bring money for many years.

This technique is the elevator to rise the value of your domain and website. play by the rules and Google will reward you in your sleep.

Don't play by the rules Google will slap you with penitently. Just sit down and get some coffee and write your own content, it's well worth the time.

Street Talk

White hat all the way here. :)

  about 9 years ago
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