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What Does It Take To Find Profitable Keywords?
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What Does It Take To Find Profitable Keywords?

With Google suspending all API accounts last year, the keyword tool industry has been thrown into turmoil. Trying to find profitable keywords with even some of the most highly regarded keyword tools has been proving to to be a nightmare. If they relied purely on the data provided by Google they simply wouldn't work.

For many years, keyword tools would just scratch the surface of Google to retrieve very poor results and often times you would end up wasting your precious time optimizing web pages and articles for keywords that were useless. They would also offer you far too much useless data too. Surely, finding profitable keywords should not be this difficult!

So What's Important?

The most important things that anyone wants when it comes to doing finding profitable keywords are firstly that you have use of a keyword tool that works. I don't know about you but the for me there is nothing more frustrating than a tool that is forever breaking down or takes ages to load the data you need.

Secondly, when you get the data you requested, it needs to make sense, right? All these confusing graphs, charts and trends are useless if they don't tell you anything about the competition and what traffic you are likely to attract. These are probably the two main metrics that are important to any affiliate marketer or website owner when trying to find profitable keywords.

You will also expect the your chosen keyword tool to pull it's data the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Pulling data from other search engines is meaningless as it is often not current. Keyword data from other sources is of no use to man not beast.

Now I don't know about you but I am personally big on time. The more time I can save the better so I don't want to be waiting forever for my data to load. Finally, I want good value for money. Some keyword tools have been massively overpriced and are just not worth investing in at all.

The Cost Of Finding Profitable Keywords

I have seen keyword tools charging as much as $150 a month. Come on, seriously? No tool is worth this amount of money unless of course it is capable of building your websites, writing your content and doing all the research without you even being there.

All we want is a system that will grab data from only the top search engines to uncover metrics that determine whether or not you will have difficulty getting ranked. We need a system with a precise algorithm that can do millions of calculations at lightening speed and then produce and present data to us in a clean and easy to use format.

For a full suite of tools that can help me find profitable keywords and conduct accurate keyword research, I would be happy to pay a monthly subscription but the cost would need to be realistic and relative. What else would you expect for your money? Perhaps the ability to carry out market and website analysis, discover trending keyword topics, domain searching, brainstorming/idea generation, and the ability to manage, save, store, and export all of your profitable keywords.

Is There A Dream Keyword Tool Out There

So is your DREAM keyword tool out there? Is there such a tool has the capabilities your looking for such as:

  1. Access to the search data from only the top search engines
  2. Ability to determine instantly how much competition a keyword has
  3. Knowing what your competition is secretly doing within their SEO campaigns
  4. Knowing what affiliate programs are available within your niche
  5. What keywords and trends are hot
  6. Ability to find awesome domains that you can resell for a profit
  7. Discover who your article marketing and video competition is.

We are also going to need access to future updates that don't require new installs...A web-based system would be ideal as it would work using any browser, on any laptop, on your iPad, and even on your smartphone. Isn't this what we really need to truly succeed.

Our dream tool would offers us simplicity and enable us to find profitable keywords with ease. All our keyword and market research would be powerful, highly efficient and extremely addictive. Does a dream tool exist?

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